10 places I want to eat: London

I adore trying new restaurants and my list of places to visit is only growing bigger. I’m so lucky to live so close to London and I go in at least once a week. Here are 10 of the places that I really want to try…

1. Coya

Coya Restaurant

Why I want to go: Peruvian food with a Japanese influence. Any other reason needed?  Closest tube: Hyde Park Corner. Website: http://www.coyarestaurant.com/

2. 10 Greek Street

Why I want to go: Simple, non-fussy, a constantly changing menu. Closest tube: Tottenham Court Rd. Website: http://www.10greekstreet.com/
3. Andrew Edmunds
Why I want to go: Small, intimate, perfect for a date. Closest tube: Oxford Circus. Website: http://www.andrewedmunds.com/
4. The Big Easy
Why I want to go: American Diner, live music, FUN. Closest tube: South Kensington +12 min walk. Website: http://www.bigeasy.co.uk/v1/index.aspx
5. Meat liquor
Why I want to go: Meat, grungy, meat. Closest tube: Bond Street Website: http://www.meatliquor.com/london/
6. Pizza East
Why I want to go: Pizzas are meant to be great. A great space too. Closest tube: Shoreditch High Street. Website: http://www.pizzaeast.com/
7. SushiSamba
Why I want to go: Sex and the City favourite finally makes it way from New York to London. Closest tube: Liverpool Street. Website: http://sushisamba.com/#location/london
8. Mishkins
Why I want to go: Owned by the same guys as one of my favourite restaurants Spuntino, a ‘Jewish Deli with cocktails’. Closest tube: Leicester Square/ Temple. Website: http://mishkins.co.uk/
9. Duck Soup
Why I want to go: Small, an ever changing menu, amazing reviews. Closest tube: Tottenham Court Rd. Website: http://www.ducksoupsoho.co.uk/Ducksoup.html
10. Bodega Negra
Why I want to go: The entrance is a peep show/adult store, cosy and candlelit, crazy art work. Closest tube: Leicester Square Website http://www.labodeganegra.com/


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