Day 8 & 9: A cabin in White Salmon- Nature, stings and Stonehenge

Day 8

We woke up excited to be leaving city life for a couple of days and heading out into the big ole wilderness that we have heard so much out about out here. We went to put our suitcases in the back of Gareth Southgate (the car) and realized that we had been blocked in by two idiots parked either side of us. We went to grab pancakes and pray to the syrup gods that the situation would be resolved on our return. We shared some avo and toast and a crepe around the corner from what we found out was a replica building of George Washington’s Mount Vernon- the one that we booked tickets to but was a 42-hour drive away. What are the chances? We took a selfie and headed back to the car who was still pinned in! I jumped in the driver’s seat and began a 52 point turn and we managed to get free and headed out onto the freeway once again.



On the route to the cabin, we passed some delicious views of the Columbia Gorge that we would be calling home for the next two nights. We successfully managed to miss all of the good ones like Cape Horn…we did, however, stop at a damn that seemed to be sponsored by power lines and Bowen went off in the wilderness for an outdoor wee. After she had been gone for a minute I shouted out to make sure that she was OK. She reported that she was but a few moments later came clutching her quickly swelling finger. She had just been stung by a bee that wasn’t a bee or a wasp, could be a house fly but didn’t have razor teeth but left a sting and a sack. I reassure Bowen that she is not going to die but may need a full hand amputation. She does not respond to this well. 




Classic Bowen car window finger shot!

IMG_4194 2

On the road again…

We move on from the cable line nature and head back on the road to find the real deal. We head to the cabin of dreams in the woods and it is beautiful. If I could have one of my very own for the rest of my life I would be an incredibly happy girl! We unpack and have a nap on the sofa because we live a very hard and challenging life. 


Cabin views

We awake and are hungry for food. We find a local happy hour and get excited because we get to it via a bridge where we met a lovely older lady who looks like Dolly Parton without the boobs and pay our toll. The bridge is cute and we order beers and so much food that we may never be able to eat again. The mac and cheese defeats us and we have to take it in a doggy bag to go home. The broccoli is beautiful and is the best-seasoned broccoli so far of the trip! Well done broccoli chefs. Well done! 



We get back to the cabin of dreams, get into pajamas and watch more than one episode of Summer Heights High on the sofa before having the best nature induced dream that anyone could ever wish to have! 

Day 9

We wake up to a beautifully sunny day outside! Emma was scared of the predicted weather highs of 39 degrees. I assured her that there would be a beautiful river breeze to cool us down. I kind of made that up, but it kind of turned out to be true which was a good thing or Bobo was never going to leave the cabin…which only had fans, no air conditioning, but it turned out to be fine as I fanned Emma to sleep. I didn’t but she would have liked me to! Stung finger update: still swelling which means I got the opportunity to snap Bowen in her natural environment…


…the pharmacy aisle!


Bagels sliced and covered in cream cheese we chowed on down and set out, rather late in the day, for a day of adventures. First stop was the Maryhill Museum. A bit like the Getty Villa that we saw in California road trip 2016- it was another old house that isn’t old compared to English old stuff but pretty old for this part of the world. So some dude called Sam Hill, had a load of money and wanted to build roads out to Colombia Gorge, no one else thought this was a good idea so he won them over with some good old Southern charm. I have no idea if he was Southern or not, it just sounded good. Eventually, he got the money and stuff and the road was built. He also wanted to build a farming community but LOL he picked the wrong plot and the ground was not good to grow so the house was abandoned until he later made it into the, that’s right, you guessed it, the exact museum that we were then sat in. I had no idea until it was revealed int he 23rd minute of the 24-minute video we watched on his life. Emma knew straight away…or so she claims. 



This was a weird museum that housed everything from chess sets around the world to, creepy dolls who I couldn’t be around and the biggest collection of Romanian art outside of Romania. Crazy stuff hey! We ate soup and salads and shared an amazing 7 layer slice. We looked at the view and I drew some art. Emma didn’t draw any art as she knew that mine would be better.


IMG_4210 3


We then jumped back in the old wagon and headed to another Sam Hill creation- Stonehenge. In the middle of nowhere, made out of concrete. It was weird. He believed that our Stonehenge was a place of sacrifice so recreated it to honor those that had sacrificed the ultimate sacrifice and in 1918 it was opened as a WWI memorial…a fact that I did not know until after I posed for the pictures below:




We stayed here for a little bit but then got a hankering to be back in the cabin of dreams. We headed to a supermarket, picked up provisions for supper and I sat down with a glass of wine and caught up on some writing whilst Emma prepared the most interesting supper of the leftover Mac and Cheese that we had from the night before. She is not a natural Nigella…the presentation was off but it tasted alright! 




We sat, drank wine, watched Carnage which if you haven’t watched you must and headed for sleep in our last night in the cabin of our dreams! A great day exploring this little part of the world! 


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