Day 7: Seattle- Wine, cheese and Stephen

We woke up and got out of the house earlier than yesterday, which meant that we could head down to the ferries and jump on one headed for Bainbridge Island. Our tour guide recommended this as one of the most romantic things that you could do in Seattle. The last time he went he proposed to his then-girlfriend, now wife without any prior planning. Although since the pre-Brexit tour one of us is now engaged (congrats to the Bobo) it didn’t stop our desire to have a romantic day for two.


So we brought brunch provisions to eat on the boat- bread, hummus and a fruit platter to share for the 30-minute jaunt over Puget Sounds. We bumbled off the boat and headed for the main road, the one road that makes up Bainbridge town centre. The time being not yet 12 we half-heartedly browsed a few shops- I tried on a lot of hats, I’m determined to become a fabulous old hat lady, but as soon as midday struck we raced to Eleven for our first wine tasting of the day.

This has become a regular Blunt and Bowen activity to do together and I’m not sure how it became so. I think it all can be traced back to Malibu wine safari and the zebra. Emma has her Uncle Ben’s nose and tasting abilities- she can pick out all the notes and tastes and even likes sweet wine. I detest sweet wine and my go to two lines post tasting are: ‘Yer I like it”, or “I taste grapes”. It’s all a bit lost on me but I have a huge amount of fun doing it.

So there we are sat at the bar in Eleven, recounting how our tour guide had got engaged on Bainbridge and how this could translate into me getting married in the next 8 hours. We look up at our wine tasting guru and he is all kinds of scrummy. I open my mouth to speak and his first words are “That’s my favorite accent”. As all of this was going on Cupid and his bow and entourage of other heavenly beings descended from the sky and that was it, love started. Stephen and I spent the next hour or so having some serious eye-contact across the bottle of Veeneyay (no idea how to spell that one, but I like how it sounds). However, being the serious wine connoisseur that I am, I did not let it distract from what we had come here to do- taste all the wines. We share two different wine flights and taste the majority of booze that they have in their fine establishment. There is a lot that we like. The time comes to depart and we make promises to return later in the day.



We go hunting for a sweet treat and follow a local recommendation of triple chocolate cookies and lavender lemonade from Blackberry Bakery. We find a perfect spot of shade and sun and devour them. They are quite possibly the best cookies that we have ever, ever tried. It is a few days later and we are still regularly talking about them now!! We catch some rays before we make our way to the second winery of the day. This one is not as good for the simple fact that there was no dreamy-eyed, brown-haired man to lust over. They did, however, have cheese. We got the biggest block of gouda that you ever did seenand tucked on in and washed it down with a lot of wine and people watching.


As we go to leave we spot a brewery with boardgames next door and we head straight for it. We share a beer flight and play Connect 4 and Exploding Kittens whilst half watching the World Cup final. It’s a chilled hour and a cool spot but the post cheese hunger begins to set in and we leave in the search of food. We settle on Doc’s Marina for a bite to eat (read two huge burgers) but before we settle in our seats overlooking the Marina we pop back into Eleven, which said it was closed but it actually wasn’t closed, to buy a bottle of our favorite white wine. Guess who is still there- Stephen. We mess up and don’t stay for a drink but buy a bottle and go and we are to never see each other ever again. Our blue eyed, brown haired babies would have been beauts. Lol, joke, I could not live in Bainbridge. It is a perfect little town, think Star Hollow, Gilmore Girl-esque, but more then a few days here would send a girl crazy.

IMG_9409 2


Wine purchased, food eaten we hop onto the ferry and catch a beautiful, if not surprisingly freezing sunset back to the Big Seattle. A manic frenzy about having to capture the beautiful view from every angle sets in, so I apologize for all the pictures that you are about to see! Our livers full of alcohol to process, our hair whipped from the wind and hearts full of love we get home and fall straight asleep. One of the best days ever!






You found that wind Bobo!





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