Day 6: Seattle- Guitars, Shakespeare and all the Drag Queens!

We did not wake up bright and early today, instead, it was a little lethargic and later than usual. Due to our tardiness, we delayed the boat for 24 hours and instead booked to have brunch with the Queen’s of brunch them very selves. We booked onto a late Drag Queen brunch at Le Faux and whilst the food was simply alright…you can’t really mess up french toast…we were dazzled to a drag spectacular!





They shimmed, slut dropped and lip-synced for their lives and we had a jolly good old time. Massive shout out to the woman who was called up on stage who had an intimate moment with a cake, the Whitney mishaps and laughing until our lungs or bladders could take no more. We heard all the classics from Abba to Annie Lennox, the costumes were fabulous, the cocktails strong and the tucks were tight! A huge recommendation- also make sure you stay in Capitol Hill in Seattle. It really is popping as the kids say! A special shout out to the backup dancers…especially the one who did not know what she was doing! She was my fave!




We then…once all alcohol and worn out of my system…an hour per unit kids…grabbed a froyo and jumped in the beast that we have now named Gareth Southgate…for obvious reasons and headed to the Museum of Pop Culture- the Mo-Pop.


I like museums that get you to touch, push and interact with stuff and parts of this were next level! We first explored the horror and sci-fi movie rooms. I genuinely made small children scream as I jumped out of dead bodies and we saw lots of things that had been in movies. We learned about Nirvana and the grunge music movement that stemmed from Seattle…is now a good time to declare that I had no idea that Kurt Cobain was in Nirvana…even Bowen hasn’t heard that one before! And then things got real in the Soundlab where we got to actually learn how to play musical instruments…who knew that I was such a natural at the electric guitar. We dropped some beats of the vocal nature and pushed children out of our way. We were those people!






I’m very aware that these photos make it look like I was the only person there. This is not true, Bobo was there too. I promise!

Post music making we took obligatory photos of the Space Needle which we had no interest in actually visiting. We had a hot date in a park to make instead. This was one of Bowen’s classic finds! Let’s go to a park, she said. There is an improv comedy group, she said! It will be fun, she said. The fact that it was a Shakespeare inspired improv comedy group, she did not say. We put out our blankets, had snacks and settled on for a good old time. Within 2 minutes I knew that it was not our cup of tea but I was like I can survive this for an hour. After 45 minutes I got excited. ONLY 15 MINUTES LEFT! The next 45 minutes that it continued for were the longest of my life. Don’t get me wrong. I support the arts. I do not, however, support this. Bowen still claims that she liked it. She is a liar. Don’t trust her!



We needed something good to pick us up and to revive our trust in that humans could be decent and funny beings once again. We headed to Herb and Bitter (not Thumble and Weed) in Broadway on Capitol Hill once again. It was super hipster-esque, I discovered that I really like sour beer, and we ate good food of mussels (Bowen) and Middle Eastern ragu (me)…that was nothing like a ragu but tasty…too much burrata, if that’s a thing.



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