Day 5: Seattle-Walking tours, art and happy hours!

I woke up to an excited Bowen who had planned all of our day which is fabulous by me! So we got up and grabbed a quick breakfast of oatmeal and yogurt and headed onto the subway downtown. Running slightly late we had to rush to meet our tour as Bo had booked us onto a free walking tour of Seattle and if anyone knows us, they know that we love a walking tour!


We learned so much of all of the Seattle stuff whilst on the tour- like there is always a Happy Hour, which excited us greatly- we downloaded an app so we could coordinate all of our Seattle visits with nearby cocktail deals , stuff about steam and highways, the sad history of the unrest between Chief Seattle and the city, about the timber and the stories of people who flocked to Seattle to make their fortune and fame in the gold rush but all of the thousands of people who tried only 50 succeeded…losers. The tour was a great tour and I really would recommend it if you find yourself in this part of the world. The man leading it was super cute and was happy to make personal recommendations for you on things that he thinks that you may like…more on this in two days time.


Tour guide Simon with Chief Seattle!



Post-tour we needed lunch and got a little lost trying to make it back to the famous market. Lucky for us we bumped into a woman who must have been in her 70s who was simply fabulous! She apologized for Trump, beat us up all if the many stairs we had to climb and recommended the Pink Door for some delicious Italian food. How glad we are that we love a good local recommendation and headed straight there. We split some kind if fancy pesto pasta and a Caprese salad. This was the best Caprese salad that either of us has ever put into our mouths…two key elements- the nicest tomatoes in all of the land and feta alongside the traditional mozzarella. That salty kick is simply divine darlings!



Also our first aperol’s of the trip. Pre-Brexit tour Bowen and Blunt would be very disappointed in us!

We headed to the market hoping to see some flying fish and grab ourselves a little sweet something something. No sweetness was found but we did see those fish fly and wanted to buy all the $10 bunches of flowers. Bloody bargains! We also declared our love on a pig!



We then headed for our first happy hour beer of the day before preparing ourselves for a couple of hours pottering around the Seattle Art Museum. We all know that Bobo is way more into art then I am…I mean I like it and all but can’t get excited by those fucking (sorry for swearing mama bear, but it is much needed) experimental videos…never have I sat down and thought well that was a worthwhile 20 minutes of my life spent. So Bowen left me at the children’s table where I feel much more comfortable and created the masterpiece below. Sophie Blunt captured at 29 and 11 months. I have various art museums giving me fabulous prices for it, if you feel you can better their offers please send your number by bald eagle.


I caught up with Bowen somewhere between old chairs and giant rats. We saw a Basquiat piece that was sold for over 100 million dollars- the most expensive piece sold by an American artist ever. Bowen thinks it’s about the experience of growing up as a black man in America. I think it’s about layers and is a modern-day representation of dressing up for cold weather.



We then headed to the cinema to take front row seats for a documentary called 3 identical strangers. It’s about 3 identical twins who were separated and then found each other and then realized they were part of some wack a doodle experiment. I don’t want to ruin it for you but you must watch it. It made us think about stuff. It also gave me the opportunity to eat an ice cream sandwich and steal lots of Bo’s popcorn. Sitting front row in reclining seats was a truly immersive experience that really forced upon us that nature may be more important than nurture. They were also hot before all the drugs and parties.


Post doc we hit up a bar that was far too cool for us, so we quickly left and headed for some quick, easy breezy pasta and salad, showers and bed. A fabulous first full day in Seattle. Not so sleepless but full of information learned and taken fully on board!





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