Day 4: Vancouver to Seattle- Oh Sweetie, you’ve got confused!

We woke up with heavy hearts because we were leaving the big V, but mainly because we also had to pack. We tend to be the girls who within minutes of moving into a new Airbnb have got our stuff everywhere in the first few seconds. We just like to see it all!

We managed to squeeze everything into our bags, scoff down some breakfast and head back to the airport, not to catch a flight but to pick up our new car. The journey to the car pick up place was eventful. First, we went down the wrong elevator, then we had to go back up and then we were separated on the Canda Line. I managed to get on with my case and Bowen didn’t! After a slight panic, of o shit what do I do without the Bowen, I realized I could just stay on and meet her at our last stop. So that’s what I did and panicked the whole way that I was never, ever, going to see her again. Lucky for me her little face popped up, we upgraded to a bigger car and got on our way for our tour of George Washington’s Mount Vernon.


We crossed the border with minimal faff and it wasn’t long before Co-Pilot Bowen was instructing me to turn off the motorway for the glorious Mount Vernon. This drive had been super beautiful (in most places) the trees were endless and we would squeal every time that we saw a mountain which was frequent! However, we quickly get confused…why would Washington’s plantation be literally just off the motorway…surely it would be set back a little? Why when we enter Mount Vernon can we see not a statley estate but instead a small town. I park up the wagon and head into the train station to ask how to get there whilst Bobo searches our tickets for clues.

So there I am innocently asking the lady behind the desk how to get to Mount Vernon and she is all like “mam, you are here”. I’m like: “No, let me explain myself better, I mean George Washington’s Mount Vernon!”.  She is like: “Oh sweetie, I think that you’ve got confused! That is in Virginia, 42 hours away. This is Washington State, not Virginia. Feeling thoroughly like a complete idiot, I get into the car where Bowen has too realized what we have done! We cringe and laugh uncontrollably at what complete idiots we are. Countless trips together and this is our first big mistake…not too bad really.



We decide to explore Mount Vernon, Washington instead and have a delightful afternoon of pizza, expensive candle shopping, finding supermarkets that are WAY better than Whole Foods and getting chatted up by the guy playing the guitar with no shirt on, who really should be wearing one! This may not be no ex-slave plantation but is a delightful little town, full of surprisingly hipster-esque shops, and is the type of place that I would one day like to move to with cows and sheep and goats for a quieter pace of life!






Before I die I want to go to Mount Vernon, Virginia!

We hop back in the car and battle the traffic into Seattle and make it to our second Airbnb. This one has dogs that bark that Emma is scared of and a lot of stairs, so we decant what we need into smaller bags…I do this in the middle of the road because I love the gypsy life!


We freshen up and head out to explore our new local area, Capitol Hill. It’s super cool, the LGBTQ+ centre of Seattle and full of independent eats and drinking spots. We devour our first Froyos of the holiday. This is the best froyo place we have ever been to! You get to do your own toppings, we like that! We head to play some bowling at a cool spot called Garage-we look fabulous in our shoes, get better as the game goes on. I’m pleased to report that I win 2 out of 3 games and we are not distracted by the guy in the lane next to us rather unusual technique. We head to Soi for some of the best Thai food ever…when they bring our food to the right table and with full tummies head home for our first night in Seattle…hopefully it isn’t too sleepless!






Emma was not happy about this unorthodox road crossing!! Not as in she is anti LGBT, but as in she is anti selfies whilst dodging cars!



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