Day 3: Vancouver- It ain’t coming home and neither are we!

We woke up early and made our breakfast of banana, yogurt, and watermelon quickly as we had to get good seats for the big footie match: England versus Croatia. We have become quite the lads and it would not be an over exaggeration to say that one of us has not stopped singing “It’s Coming Home” on repeat to both theirs and the Bobos disgust. We were rather looking forward to this football match and had put a lot of research into the hottest Vancouver spots in which to watch it!


We jumped on the Canada Line and our plan went out the window when we saw a man dressed as Gareth Southgate queuing to get into a Sports Bar called Malones. We knew instantly that these were the people for us! We somehow managed to bag the best seats in the house, ordered beers and got comfy. We joined in the chants, said the word “son” a huge amount of times and screamed at the top of our lungs when we scored the first goal. Never before have we been into the sports in quite so big a way. As things started to go downhill and the more beers we consumed the rowdier we got. I may have lost my cool at a Croatian high pitched supporter, but was congratulated by the English fans for doing so much to the Bobos disgust! We shared pitchers and tales with a delightful man called Graham who was from Vancouver but parents are from Scotland and Nottingham so we now support Nottingham FC till we die and found solace in poutine when it became apparent that we were not going to win.



Dejected and low we headed to rent bikes. I am not a natural bike rider, bearly passed my cycling proficiency test, so I was pleased to discover that there were cycle lanes the whole way around our route. With helmets on and a general direction picked we cycled on out of the safety of the shop and were on the mean streets of Vancouver. We made our way to Stanley Park and cycled the 10km seawall- the largest uninterrupted seawall in the world! It was beautiful and amazing that it was part of a city. There is a rainforest, totem poles, a lake full of beavers…we didn’t see any…and loads of beaches. We had a really lovely time. We cycled, ate popsicles on the beach and managed to pass and lose the school tour of around 600 students…could they be any slower? ON YOUR LEFT! Bowen thought she got burnt, but she didn’t. What a relief!




Emma spotted in her natural habitat applying her 30th application of suncream!







With bikes still in tow, we headed on over to Granville Island to check out the public market. The best 12 dollars we have ever spent on the ferry…insert eye roll here. We drooled over the cheese, started scouting wedding flowers and purchased our first matching souvenirs- some super clever flower bowls that look like every other bit of pottery that we have purchased together…but we will always have the mems! We pootled around some of the shops, bought nothing else and then made our way back over to ditch the bikes and grab some food.



I wanna be where the people are!


We made our way back to Main Street and to The Acorn. A restaurant that we discovered in our searching of hip-hop happening things prior to crossing the Atlantic. It is a fully vegetarian restaurant and whenever we told people we were going there, they were like “O girls, you so fancy!” We settled on The Ramp (a wild leek, similar to wild garlic, in case you had no clue like us), and The Morels to share. Super tasty but we saw The Harvest delivered to the table next to us and got food envy so ordered that too and it was a game changer. The beans were cooked perfectly! The waiting staff were far cooler then we could ever possibly hope to be- the defs sit around reading new wave feminist play scripts- totally recommend if you are ever in the big V!



With overly stuffed tummies, once again, we jumped in cab…once Bo remembered her bag and headed back home for our very last sleep in Vancouver. It’s been wild. Super chilled city- not an overwhelming amount to do, a hugely deliciously array of veggie places to eat and outdoor fun to explore.


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