DAY 1 & 2: Oh hey there Pacific Northwest

Hey y’all Guess who’s back.

That’s right it’s ya gals Bo and Blunt on another crazy summer road trip. This time we are hitting the Pacific Northwest pretty hard and you’re coming along with us for the next 3 weeks.

Day 1 saw us both waking up at Emma’s pad at 5.45am and jumping in a taxi to Gatwick… a reminder to future self: always try to fly from Heathrow. Always. We breakfasted, learned about new words like sonder and one of us stocked up on more hand sanitizer. I’ll let you work out who that was for yourselves. It isn’t a hard task.


We boarded the West Transat plane and set off on time. Long-term Bo and Blunt blog readers will be pleased to hear that there was no Jeanette-esque air stewardess to piss us off. We watched movies at synchronized times, actually managed to get some sleep, ate pretty terrible airplane food and didn’t really talk to one another once. There were some dope views of the Rocky Mountains and stuff below. As far as long haul flights go it was decent.


Off the plane, we made our way to customs where they were enthralled and entranced with my adorable questions to their answers. “Why are you visiting Canada?” “To get mauled by bears and moisturize in maple syrup, kind sir!”

We worked out how to use public transport instead of catching a ride at the limousine rank and made it to our first Airbnb, which definitely isn’t a Airbnb, because its illegal for this place to be an Airbnb, which we didn’t realise so we totally dropped them in it when the people at the door asked why we were there and we said to stay in an Airbnb. Lol. Soz loves.

We resisted all desire to fall victim to jet lag and instead headed to heaven…Toetosoul… for half an hour upper body massage and half an hour of foot reflexology. They had powerful hands and sorted us right out. There is more than a strong possibility that we will be back here every single day! It was just delicious. We both thought that it would be weird for people to hold our feet. It wasn’t. It was life-changing.


We walked our soft toes up Main street and headed to Meet, a glorious vegan restaurant and we shared The Macro bowl of goodness and coupled it up with a Canadian staple- Poutine. It was delicious but here we started to crash. Our eyes grew tired, the beer didn’t perk us up and we crawled back to bed. We slept quickly and soundly and kicked jet lags bum.


IMG_3894 2

On day 2 we awoke bushy tailed and bright eyed at around 8 am and headed to the gym and for a soak in the jacuzzi, undercover as of course we are not meant to be airbnbing here! Only the Bo and Blunt could eek out the morning routine so long that we don’t actually leave the apartment until 11 am absolutely ravenous. So ravenous that the 20-minute wait for a table at Medina seemed so insurmountable that we have to go share a roasted vegetable sandwich, with Egyptian hummus and Turkish bun together before we go back for waffles at Medina! 2 course, 2 venue breakfasts are all the rage in Vancouver!

Waffles were exceptional, although we may not have been as hungry as required for them due to the sandwich! I went dark chocolate and salted caramel. Bo got fig and orange marmalade and milk chocolate and lavender. All were glorious. If you like the waffs head on down here, but be prepared for a wait.


Tummies fall we stomped around the Gastown district diving into weird antique shops, crystal shops and of course some classic Canadian souvenir shops to buy presents and meet the wildlife!



At 2pm we started our first organized fun adventure- a murder mystery tour around the mean streets of downtown Vancouver. We became two police detectives who had to solve the murder of poor Jimmy. We measured stuff, decrypted messages, unscrambled pictures, studied statues and pushed the general public out of our way, just don’t mention the measuring the Roman temple columns. We did not excel there. Bowen really let us down as a History of Art teacher. Well done Bobo.



Sup Gassy Jack!

We rushed back to mission quarters (an antique shop in which they sell people’s old photographs…weird) to hear the last clue and put our heads together to come up with the who done it. Nervously we hand the paper over to be marked and we only go and get 100%, which puts us in the top 15% of police detectives…it is my first 100% in anything ever! Should have been a policewoman and I wear my sticker with pride for the rest of the day! Bowen doesn’t put hers on. She has clearly got 100% in something before!


We celebrate our overwhelming success with a beer flight in Steamworks brewery. 10 1/4 pint beers ranging from least hoppy to most hoppy…that’s as technical as I am ever going to get. Long-term travel blog readers will know that I am simply awful at wine tasting and beer tasting is no different. Surprisingly there is no guava in any of the beers although it’s all that I can taste. Bowen has the Ben Bowen wine tasting genius genes and gets a load of my questions right, even the: what event does this remind you of the question…it was Christmas! I am also pleased to report that during beer tasting I hit Bo up with some of life’s more difficult questions and am pleased to report that she is doing very well mentally!



We play the most embarrassing game of pool ever…how on Earth did I end up loosing and shuffle on out to eat tacos as it is a Tuesday and tacos should be eaten every Tuesday! We go to Tacofino were we are by far uncoolest people there and are the only ones to not have a single tattoo! The eggplant (aubergine) taco was sensational as was the corn soup. We liked it there. The cocktails were also top knotch!


With dreams of going to watch Mama Mia 2 crushed as it is not out early over here, no knowledge of where the local bowling alley is and no desire to drink any more beer we head to our spiritual home…Wholefoods to buy breakfast supplies, I make Emma carry the bag back to work on her arm muscles and we jump into bed and fall soundly asleep by 9 pm. Jet lag it seems has finally caught us up!

Blogging will go to daily posts from now on! Put on your seatbelts kids, it’s going to be wild!








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