Day 22 & 23: Herceg Novi- Hanging out with Tito!

Yo, yo, yo party people. I have decided to combine day 22 and 23 of our adventures into one blog post as quite frankly we have not done all that much and I’m a day behind and this means that I can catch up. This might just be the most up to date I have EVER been with travel blogging…pats self on back, realises that I have extremely short arms which makes this hard!

We wake up lateish and adventured all the way to the supermarket to buy provisions- read more biscuits- for the few days that we are here for. The supermarket is the best one yet and is bloody huge. Bowen buys enough vegetables to feed a vegan army, I buy apple chewing gum. It’s pretty delicious.

Back in our party pad and Bowen makes me pasta whilst I stress about being 3 days behind on this old blog. We eat it out on the balc, which is short for balcony, and take in the view whilst eating some carbs. We are both all about red pesto now. This trip has changed us and shaped us into the women of tomorrow.

IMG_4711 2

We move down to the swimming pool area and here begins an hour of me annoying Bowen in the pool. She tries to swim, I grab her leg. She does not like this which makes me do it more. She tries to swim, I play obstacle which is a game where I just get in her way and she has to try and get past me. I float around, we work on the synchronised routine some more and it is delightful to do it in the privacy of our own piscine…that’s French for swimming pool! We move it out to the loungers and dry off. My tan is coming along nicely. Bowen’s is doing alright.

IMG_4720 2

When you try to get Bowen to have a selfie with you but it looks like you are poking her butt!

IMG_4737 2

It was then time to get ready and enter the real world. We decided to have dinner out in Herceg Novi and  actually have a shower and get ready for life outside of the flat. It is going to be tough! We wander down to the coast which definitely does not feel as busy as Croatia and is just as beautiful! We love Montenegro. We decide to take in the view with a bev by the coast. I go for a classic Aperol Spritz option. It has been a while! Bowen goes for an iced coffee with an extra shot of coffee. She will be bouncing off the walls later!

IMG_4716 2

IMG_4788 2

We go to some place called Feral and it is a little lacking in veggie options that aren’t pizza and pasta so I go for two salads and a side of fries. Bobo goes for fish on a stick. The stick has a cockerel on the top of it which confuses me as that is not a fish. The waiters were all dressed as sailors which we liked and the bathroom decor was on point…can you tell that I am trying to drag this out a little. We have been so lazy our brains have gone a little blank with all the juicy details!

IMG_4739 2 IMG_4742 2

Next up is a climb up some massive stairs and we take a halfway stop to go into a souvenir shop that is actually all home made souvies and we can not resist. I add to my collection of holiday tote bags and Christmas tree ornaments. Bowen buys a fridge magnet with some fish on it. We are wild!

IMG_4771 2

IMG_4757 2 IMG_4766 2

IMG_4767 2 IMG_4768 2

We also met a dog that had the happiest face in the whole world! This picture does not do it justice!

We stroll through the old town which is banging. It obviously has lots of tourists in it but doesn’t seem overrun or changed by the tourists. There is also the cutest little girl who is busking so I throw a Euro in her bucket…gotta encourage the kids to be creative. Keeps them away from the drugs!  There are some firworks that have no meaning to us but are alright to look at and we walk to the fort where we meet to dashing chaps in uniform which I get very excited about.

IMG_4772 2

We make our winding way home where things get super crazy and we climb into bed! Simply can’t stop the party gal life.

I wake up early the next day as it is my baby sister Camille’s 14th birthday and have to ring her before she heads of to rowing camp! I sit out on the balc- that’s the short word for balcony and catch up with the blog. Bowen wakes up a little later. Let’s just say I manage to write two whole blog posts whilst she snoozes!

We decide to head down to the pool and Bowen uses the gym and goes for a cross training sesh. I start swimming some lengths and think I’ll do 50. Which I do. Bowen joins me for a 50 and I extend it to 100 but 100 isn’t good enough for Blunt holiday challenges so as Bowen stops and asks me to  do synchronised swimming with her but I have to bang out  another 100 which she joins me for a few as well! I celebrate my 200 lengths (the pool really isn’t that big) with a Michael Phelps inspired splash. It is satisfying.

IMG_4783 2

Out we climb and jump onto the loungers and Bowen not only reads her book, which she has been doing a lot of recently but also sits out in the sun for a little bit. She has very nearly finished it! Super proud! We read until we are dry and then head upstairs to do some more reading. I manage to finish my second book All At Sea by Decca Aitkenhead. It is much better than The girls and is a true story all about a family and the husband drowned in Jamaica whilst rescuing his son. Emotional! I really enjoyed it.

I head out onto the second balcony to sunbathe a little whilst Bowen continues to read and we just thoroughly enjoy life in Montenegro. We feel a little bad that we haven’t seen too much of the country so we head out of the flat and to Tito’s Herceg Novi villa. This was designed for him to come and relax and get therapy treatments in as he had some sort of blood circulatory problem. The villa is decked out in exactly the same way as it was in the 70s. It is banging.

IMG_4791 IMG_4801


Selfies with the main man!


We arrive and there are quite a few people but in the English tour it is only us two and two others. PERF! We ramble our way through his conference room, look at the view, check out the pink suite which I adore, the blue suite which Bobo adores and head down to his therapy rooms. The detail in this place is bonkers. A man was employed to sit and watch the fish in this aquarium. It is a special fish and if there was one impurity in the water he dies. It is connected to the main water supply. The man would sit all day everyday and just watch the fish. For all you animal lovers out there you will be pleased to hear that he never died. Well I am sure he is no longer alive as it is over 30 years ago. I am sure he died of old age, in the coral with his wife holding his fin. So Tito had over 33 of this pads around the former Yugoslavia and this one is not the biggest. What a lad! Last of all we explore the bunker and fortunately don’t stumble on any ghosts as it is 100% haunted. Our tour guide was alone one night looking after the place and as he walked through Tito’s bedroom the phone started ringing at 3am. He picked it up but no one was there. It did have a very creepy feeling to it and was just like walking into the 70s. Bobo was a little in heaven!


Haunted Tito’s room!



The fish tank where the fish did not die!

IMG_4820 IMG_4810

Selfies in Tito’s bathroom!


Bowen liked the marble!

So with a good hour spent out of the house it was time to return. I blogged, Bowen cooked us a meal of soy aubergines and roasted peppers and then we had our first dessert chocolate 3 ways- chocolate baked bananas, a Jaffa cake, and half a Croatian chocolate biscuit. I improved it 100% with my Oreo crumb. It tasted far better than it looked I promise!


We got ready for bed, put Jurassic Park on but our exhausting day was too much for me so I had to retreat to the bedroom. Bowen stayed up but lasted 5 minutes before she was snoozing in front of the TV.

Tomorrow we leave for our last location as we only have 3 more sleeps left. I am not ready!


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