Day 21: Mostar to Montenegro-Wine and monks and a beautiful view!

We woke up on our last morning in Mostar early and once again began the pursuit of stuffing our belongings into our bags and lugging them down to the car. The car has not moved from its spot on the curb on the corner of the road since we first got here and we are pleased to say that it survived scratch free! We made it out of Mostar town centre where Bowen experienced my road rage on a narrow street as a lorry reversed towards us and the car behind would not get off their horn. Man I got so angry! Bowen looked a little scared. We also made a car friend. The cute gold car. The whole route was up and down mountains so we took it easy as we value our lives. Other cars went zooming past, overtaking around corners and generally looking like they belonged in Wacky Races. The gold car kept a respectful distance behind us at all times. I actually got a little bit teary when we turned off the road and had to leave them as we had arrived at our first location. We waved at them, they waved at us. What could have been!

Our first stop was Tvrdos Monastery. It was super cute. There was also the hottest monk that I have ever seen. I liked his robes. We wandered around the church, saw a monk drive a car and then tried to get into the wine cellar as they make wine here too! The door that looked very much like a pull door was in fact a push door…the embarrassment…and we finally settled down to some tasting.


Can I fit it into my suitcase?


Cover those shoulders girls!


Once again I am driving so Bowen had a whale of a time. I had a few sips. The white was delicious, the rose and red also delicious but did not rank so highly on the delicious scale. We run (walk extremely slowly as it is hot and Bowen needs time to fan herself) to the shop to buy a bottle of white. to devour in our next location. I actually managed to sniff some peach in the white wine. I have never felt so smug, especially as Bobo didn’t.  I also visited the toilet and whilst I wouldn’t normally keep you updated on my bladder needs on such a public forum I felt I must inform you that it was the most pleasurable long drop experience I have ever had. Very clean!


Just having a moment to think about the handsome monk!

DSC08570 DSC08571




Wine tasting and buying done we went into the cute town of  Trebinje for some lunch. We shared a whole table worth of food as we didn’t have dinner last night. We also invited a solo Brit traveller to come join us. She was lovely and liked to inform us of all that was wrong with her life and how travelling has fixed it. We wish her nothing but good things for the future, wherever that may take her- fingers crossed you get out of the cat piss house my friend! We spend our last few Bosnian Convertible Mark on water and sweets and jump back in the car and cross the boarder into our last new country…

…Montengero! We have scheduled in 3 nights in a penthouse by the sea for some good old fashioned R&R. We don’t plan on doing a whole lot whilst we are here so the blogs maybe shorter in length for the next few days. I may even combine two days into one post! Although I will probs find some drivel to type away about as I seem to have done in every other blog post so far!


But we arrive and manage to park the car and find the front door…harder than you imagine it would be. Igor meets us and shows us around our new crib. We have a swimming pool, a huge balcony that over looks the sea and two bedrooms. Although we use one for a dressing room and share the other as it would now be weird to sleep in separate beds after so long on the road!

We chill out to the max. Bowen has a snooze on the swinging chair thing. I catch up on some blogging and read my book and before we know it the day is pretty much over. We watch some Storage Hunters and a film with Will Farrell in that we both give a 4 out of 10. We are still stuffed from lunch so skip dinner and I watch the sunset and get an early night whilst Bobo gets comfy and watches Deep Impact. Safe to say she falls asleep right at the start of the movie. Classic Bobo!





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