Day 19: Markaska to Mostar- Saturday night fever!

I am in no way at all writing this three days late so I can most definitely remember absolutely everything that happened on this day and no stories will be omitted, elaborated on or forgot at all!

We woke up early once again (there really has been very few lazy mornings on this trip) and lugged our heavy bags to the car as today we are back on the road and heading out of Croatia and to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our end destination is Mostar but we can’t check in until 3 and decide to hit up Kravika waterfalls in Bosnia first. We speed along the twisty, turney roads, never above the speed limit and cross the boarder.

We hit up the waterfall and find a place to park. The first thing we have to negotiate is the hill to the actual water bit. It is super slippy and I am only wearing flip flops and I may full on fall over a couple of times and still have the grazes to prove it on my toes. We eat ice cream which is not as good as the ice cream in Croatia and have an hour long talk on the benefits of going for a swim verses those of staying dry. See you can swim in the waterfall here, unlike at Plitvice National Park in Croatia. We umm, we ahhh and finally decide that we are only ever going to be here once so why not go dive in. By dive I mean enter the water sensibly all the time looking out for sea hedgehogs even though we know this is a lake and not the sea and there won’t be any sea hedgehogs here because they totally live in the sea, hence the word Sea Hedgehog!


Mama I got my adventure backpack on!


Power pose!


The water is cold and I get stuck in straight away as I am more of a rip of the plaster in one big old rip type of girl. Bobo is the type of girl who likes to prolong her pain of getting fully shoulder deep in the water. We swim around, watch people jump off big rocks, try to race the fishes that are swimming with us and see at what point it becomes impossible to see our feet as the water is so clear! We also make a little time for some synchronised swimming moves- Sebasiatan the Crab is the crowds favourite.




This is the start of the praying mantis move, my personal fave synchro move!

We now have to negotiate getting out and back up the hill and to the car whilst dripping wet. Bowen expertly manages to not flash the whole place once again as she manoeuvres clothes in public. I wrap a sarong around me and wait until we are at the toilets at the top of the hill. Speaking of the hill- it is huge and just as we walk up it the little train comes to pick us along and we somehow manage to find ourselves on it. We only feel lazy when we pass boys and girls in their 80s walking up but the feeling does not last for long!

FullSizeRender 5

We hop in the car for the short drive to Mostar which should be incredibly simple but all the bridges are closed and Sat Nav Bowen has to step in and direct us with map reading skills. She does very well. Parking at our new pad is impossible and Sasa our host takes one look at us and realises we will never do it so does it for us. What a champ! It is parked on the corner of a street and we will now panic for the rest of our time here that it will get bashed up and we didn’t take out extra insurance and regret it forever.

We unpack, get changed and head out to explore Mostar for the rest of the late afternoon and evening. The place is pretty tiny, most people only come for a day trip so we don’t rush around. The old town is like being transported to Turkey. I have never been to Turkey but it is what I imagine it would look like a little! We hit up the main tourist attraction- the Bridge- and manage to make our way to the top of it- once again super slippy. This time I’m not wearing flip flops so no toes are grazed. The view is beautiful and I really appreciate just how many mosques are here. Completely different to anywhere else we have been to on this trip so far. We haven’t had a real breakfast or lunch today so are absolutely starving and go on the hunt for an early supper.


DSC08485 DSC08481


We settle on a place called Food House because it actually has some vegetarian options and share the veggie platter and some stuffed and baked aubergines. We drink local beer that has a picture of the bridge on it and Bowen gets the Saturday night started with her first shot of local liquor. We make friends with stray cats and kittens, sorry I make friends with all the cats. They don’t like Bobo. We have a few more bevs because we are lads on tour and our heartbreaks each time somebody doesn’t look at the menu when the hostess in the red dress asks if they want to eat here this evening. She must have to ask 50 people before 1 will. She does a cracking job though and soon the place is buzzing. Just in time for us to leave.



Bowen really likes the drink!


The cat most certainly isn’t ignoring Bowen!


Then I called its name and it’s like Hey Sophie, wat up?

Regular readers may think that these two birds are on their way to get their pjs on and get into bed but you would be wrong! Instead we head to the Black Dog Pub where they have a singer and a guy with a guitar who stumbled and sing away as we drink beer, vodka and gin…not at the same time as that would be gross. It is Saturday night and we fully embrace it by grabbing a cushion and sitting in the middle of the crowd but then feel like they were all looking at us so we join the masses by leaning against an old wall and settle down to a good old game of Husband 1,2,3…less for Bobo and more for me and comment that we didn’t know that Oasis were so big in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Literally every time we tune into he radio they are on, they are played in shops and now this musical pair that we are listening to are wailing away to them (they are actually pretty good…the duo not Oasis, whilst B&H may like them I do not!)


Saturday night fever in Mostar!


When you try to not have drunk eyes!

So we stay here for a couple of hours and midnight strikes and we rush back to our flat, trying to get a slice of pizza on the way but they only sell meat pizza, before we turn into pumpkins. We check out the car before we climb the stairs to our flat. It survived. So have we but after a day of travel, swimming in waterfalls, and drinking more than one beer we are fully ready for a lot of sleep. We have a couple of exciting things planned for tomorrow that we are both really looking forward to. Our first impression is that Mostar is bloody beautiful and can’t wait to learn more about it!



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