Day 18: Island Hopping- You promised us it wasn’t a party boat!

Today our plan was to also get our of Markaska…can’t you tell that we just love it here! We booked tickets to visit two of Croatia’s islands that are the closest to us. These tickets were hard to get hold of. There are 4 boats that are allowed to leave from M-town and we pretty much got the last 2 tickets two nights ago! Don’t leave your ticket buying late.

There are a couple of wooden ships and literally a pirate ship and thankfully they were full as they looked like a right lash-tactic time with their pumping music and shot, shot, shot vibe. The man who we brought our tickets from told us our boat was fast and not a party boat. We signed up!

We set sail at 8.30am so we got to the harbour for 8am thinking we would have our pick of seats. Clearly everyone else had the same thought and we were some of the last to arrive. Seating options were limited and we picked a spot at the front of the boat thinking we would see the lapping waves infront of us the whole way there. Little did we know that there was a gate that they opened in the first 10 minutes or so of being at sea and our beautiful view was quickly changed into folk recreating Titanic King of the World poses!


Our first indication that this was in fact a party boat was the 8.45am shots of rakia that were passed around. This is one liqueur that I have not yet tried and it is strong but with a current-ey after taste. We soon got sick of looking at the back of people’s heads so we decided to move to one of the inside rooms. As we took our seats we realised that we were in the party zone. There was a group of 15 early 20s Icelandic boys and girls that were hitting it hard. Music was booming and they only had one volume level- loud. At this stage it was alright. We zoned them out and played some I Can’t Donald Trump it- still the greatest card game ever created.


Our first stop was the Island of Hvar where we only had an hour. We decided to go for a wander but within 10 meters found food that made our wildest food dreams from the past few weeks come to life- zoodles (courgette spaghetti) and chia puddings. We dropped all of our bags and ran to it. We sat down and devoured it pretty quickly- note to self: when you make chia pudding add cacao powder and stewed orange with desiccated coconut-taste’s just like a Jaffa cake! We had a few minutes post brunch to explore the town. We hit up the church which was shut and passed cute children selling lavender.



We returned to the ship to head to Brac Island and lunch was waiting for us onboard! Bowen had a fish, I had the vegetarian salad which comprised of Sauerkraut and Cucumber covered in Mayo. I just thank the Lord for giving me zoodles or I would have been hungry! The party was still rocking in our cabin and I have never seen people more excited to see a bottle of wine on their table before. But this journey was shorter and before we knew it lunch was over and we were in a water taxi speeding away to the beach.


The beach was a little busier than the hotel yesterday but still utterly beautiful. We managed to find Bobo a lounger and parasol and we both ran into the sea. I don’t think that I have ever seen a sea so clear and so blue. Croatia’s coast is going to be hard to beat! I float like a starfish and Bowen goes for a swim. We also realise that synchronised swimming is easier in deeper water! We head back to the beach where we sunbathe, read books and hydrate. The sun is so strong that I even hide in the shade with the best ice cream in the World for a little bit! We make friends with a German chap who now lives in Croatia as he is retired. He looks after our stuff as we swim. He is nice.



And then it is time to go back on the boat again. We walk the 30 minutes to the boat and it is beautiful. Back on ship all seats are once again taken except ours in the party room. We arrive before the partiers and pray that they have chosen to sit elsewhere but they soon arrive. Every single one of them is burnt and wasted. The music is louder than ever before and quickly they are up and dancing. We decide to grab a beer- if you can’t beat them, join them.



There is a guy- let’s call him Tom B who takes his music very seriously. Bless him- the most intriguing man to watch. He quickly gets everyone up- the children in our cabin are ushered our by their parents and before we know it the Macarena is in full force and we are sat in a corner watching, drinking and planning our escape. After an hour and a half it gets too much and news of a dolphins sighting means that everyone has left their seats so we steal some at the back of the boat. Bowen has hit a low place and shuts down her body in the way that only she can and we are quickly back to shore.




We tried to make a reservation at a nice local restaurant for our last night in M-town but it was fully booked so Bowen makes pasta whilst I blog, we pack our bags, drink a beer and watch a lot of James Corden videos. Tomorrow we are off to Bosnia and Herzegovina for a couple of nights! On the road again…



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