Day 17: Not really in Markaska: All inclusive heaven

So yesterday I teased you with our plan to get out of the tourist trap that is Markaska.  Well our morning began by ringing around hotels and asking them if we could use their facilities, mainly lie by their pool and not move all day!

The first hotel was bitchy and said no. Bad trip advisor review for you. The second said that they would get back to us. The third said that for a small fee we would be their guest. We asked what that meant. They told us to turn up and find out. The second hotel got back to us but it just didn’t really look our vibe. Too many children. The third had a no children policy. We liked that a lot.

So we turned up to find out what they meant. They said we were their all inclusive guest for the day. Everything was included- food, facilities and cocktails just not the car parking. We nearly died and ran to find loungers.

You see this travelling gig is it out of this world brilliant and we are so super lucky to get to do it for so long but it can be tiring. It’s important for little R&R, a little downtime, a little time to unwind, a little time to switch off, a little time to make up dope synchronised swimming routines.

We find a space in the sun for me and a hammock in the shade for Bobo and order our first cocktail of the day. We have to consume 700 kunas worth of drink and food. It is a challenge we a fully prepared for. I go for a dip in the pool, Bobo actually reads her book and we hit relax mode with full force. After a couple of hours of a rotating like a rotisserie chicken and Bowen coming to join me we find a parasol and enjoy some shade and frozen margaritas that are not in any way frozen what so ever.



Swimming pool snoozes!

We head to lunch and bag the table with the best view. I can get down with this all inclusive business. There is a salad buffet, soup station, hot food, cold food, fruit, ice cream, desserts. I think it is fair to say that we are the people that make most use of all stations. We sit back, drink some wine, enjoy the view and gossip- the all inclusive dream.




Throughly stuffed we head back onto the loungers to process the food and nap and read some more. I finish my book-The Girls also known as the most overhyped book that has ever existed. Bowen slept. To be fair she has only had one, sorry two, I mean three naps so far this holiday. Compared to the 212 she had last holiday she is going well. You go Bobo!

The clouds come over and so we can’t (I can’t) work on the tan anymore so we go into the pool together and make up our first synchronised swimming routine. Safe to say it is a hit with the public as it clears the pool area! We make up moves like- the shark, they praying mantis, Sebastian the crab, Jaws, the seaweed spiral,seahorse, and the sea scorpion for the grand finale move. It still needs work but we still would have done better than Panama at the World swimming thingy we went to in Budapest!


Exercise of the day done Bowen goes to check the other pool out and comes racing back saying she has reserved the best loungers in the whole place for us and it was at the same time that the sun came back out of the clouds. It was an all inclusive miracle the likes of which no one has ever seen before!


We run and Bowen finally gets her hands on a real frozen margarita and I switch to the non alcoholic cocktails as this girl has to get us home on the coastal roads safely. We read, swim and enjoy our final couple of hours here. Bowen manages to pour bright blue drink all over her so it looks like she as done a smurf wee. I find it very funny. She also decides to get out of her swimming costume on the lounger and nearly exposes the whole hotel. As we leave with heavy hearts at 6pm she exclaims that she is drunk. Proof that we have done our day of all inclusiveness well.



On the journey back we hit up Apfel, our new favourite Croatian supermarket and by pasta for dinner but as we are still so full from the lunch sesh we save it for tomorrow. We get back to the pad and decide to be rock and roll and do a laundry wash. We put it on a setting that literally takes 12 hours, or more like 4.

And just like that our day is done. Tomorrow is day 20 and it means we only have 8 left. I die. We are also become sea pirates again. See ya tomorrow!!


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