Day 17: Plitvice to Markaska: Culture nearly killed us.

We woke up early once again and packed up our belongings and jumped in the mini beast. It was adios National Park and hola Croatian coast. We are so ready to chill and see the coastline that literally the whole world is constantly banging on about.

We realised that we checked out a little too early and were going to arrive way to early for the first activity that the Bowen had planned for us on her day of fun. So we made a couple of stops at service stations and had breakfast, fuelled the car and our bodies with biscuits.

Sat Nav Bobo directed us off the motorway and into the hills. We drive through villages that really are the real Croatia and are amazing to see whilst also being quite sad at the same time. Houses abandoned for years it seems whilst others try and live around them. It was super interesting to see. It seems that a lot of people who live here make a living by selling cheese and honey. If I hadn’t brought a massive bloody rock from the biggest cave in the world I would totally have stocked up.

Our first activity was a Croatian wine tasting. The winery had been in the family for generations and the guy was super cute. We tried a white which was alright- very minerally good for our bodies, a rose that even I, a strong rose hater, really enjoyed and the star of the show was the red which used grapes that were only grown within 50km of the village and nowhere else in the whole entire world. They paired the wine with food- mainly cheese- and it was equally delicious. Ben would have been proud of our swirling and sniffing techniques but I can still not smell anything at all! I obviously have to drive us safety to our next location so I try each one and then Bowen sees them off. She leaves a little buzzy. I do not.




The standard Sophie Sniff!


First make up application in 4 days!


Grappling with the grappa!

Bowen that has chosen two special activities for us to do on route to our next location. The first is an 18th century traditional Croatian village. We imagine it to be a little like the traditional village that we went to with Ben in California. Folk dressed in costumes, maybe some gold panning, etc etc etc. This is not the case. We arrive and I have to parallel park which actually makes me want to vomit especially as I have to do it up a hill. I manage it, we get out the car and stroll around a little confused. There isn’t really an entrance so we think we will just walk around the buildings.



Safe to say there is a lot of ruins, hills and rogue mussels lying around the place and it really isn’t what we expect. We climb a hill and then as we turn a corner and a chained up Alsatian rattles his chain and barks at us at the top of his doggy voice box. It is super scary. But don’t worry, Bowen who is the at the front of the path looks out for my safety as I am closest to the dog by screaming and running. She doesn’t look back once. I am mauled and die. It haunts the Bo and she lives wracked with guilt forever.



Luckily I didn’t die but did feel downhearted until I saw some cute donkeys. So we did eventually find the entrance  to the traditional village but it was very much closed. Turns out what we had been walking through was an actual village where people actually live. A little awkward!!


We hop back in the car and onto the second activity- the Lavender Labyrinth. This is on a hill that over looks the coast but no labyrinth can we find! Possibly the worlds hardest maze when it is impossible to even start it. So instead of two of Bobos activities ending in death and failure we walk down the coast and grab a drink in the sun. It is so beautiful here. We actually don’t know where it is as we can’t find it on the map anywhere! Our minds are boggled.



We make it to our final destination- Makarska. It isn’t quite the tranquil small Croatian town that we were hoping for. There are tourists absolutely everywhere. It’s a little overwhelming. We go out for food to a ‘next level’ street food joint and eat the funkiest burgers. Mine has a green bun. Bowen has a black bun. It’s alright but extremely filling.


I then enter a weird funky stage where I have lost all enthusiasm for living and hope that the the world is a good place. We go to the town square to watch some live music but we leave quickly as I deteriorate! Here we make plans to avoid Makarska beaches at all costs and the best plan ever is born but my lovely ones you will have to wait to see what that is tomorrow.



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