Day 16: Plitvice National Park: Don’t go chasing waterfalls…soz we did!

Today we woke up slightly sore from all of yesterday’s gallivanting around the National Park but we needed an early start to fit in the rest of it! I threatened Bowen with a 7am start but 8.20 rolled around and we were up and in breakfast…it was our earliest start yet! We sneakily made sandwiches from the breakfast buffet and snuck them into our backpacks to eat in the park for lunch #badgals4life #nobreadforyouboo #hanzelandgretalthebreadtheifs

The greatest decision we have ever made in any of the 4 trips that we have taken together is to plan to be in the park for a day and a half. As we arrived mid-afternoon yesterday we only had to queue 10 minutes to get our 2 day passes and therefore skip the hours of queueing to get into the park at 9am! I have never felt so smug. Always go into entrance 2. Never entrance 1 to buy your tickets. This is super important information should you ever visit yourselves!


With the queue skipped we made our way down the winding waterfalls to Big Slap (the big waterfall). After lasts nights mammoth thunderstorm and rain sesh the sky has cleared and is super blue which makes this place look even more beautiful-if possible! Everything looks so green and blue! It maybe the most beautiful place on earth that we have ever been too!


Unfortunately such beautiful places rarely stay a secret and we are in the company of a lot of people but you can’t let these things get to you! Except when an elderly Italian gentleman feeds the fish bread. Rule one of the National Park is to not feed the animals. A park ranger tells him to stop and then he does it again so I step in! Safe to say no more bread is feed to the fish!


Okay, Okay, fish, let’s get in formation!

We make it to Big Slap and get stand in wonder for a few moments, and then we join the queue to climb on a big rock to get selfies of us and the water. Seeing our struggle a lovely chap offers to take our picture for us- what a champ! He works that camera like a demon but at this stage we haven’t fully warmed up/eaten enough sugar to fully get into photoshoot mode- do not worry it will come!


FullSizeRender 3

We decide to walk the rest of route B because we haven’t done that one yet but mainly becau se it starts with the same letter as both of our surnames and we think it is cute! B turns out to be pretty banging. We cross lakes, see beautiful sights, trip over slightly less than yesterday, find secret passages to get close to the water in, squeal at the mountains reflections in the water and say hello to every single fish that we pass!


Reflection goals!


A little nook just for two!

It is then time to get an ice cream to eat in the boat queue-it has become a tradition and to board the good ship P3-P2. We don’t manage to get seats at the front which I pout about a lot but we do sit in front of one of the best people that we have met so far this trip! He seems to be traveling by himself and wants photos of him by the lake. We of course want the same so we do he takes ours, Bobo takes his-win, win. He brings out some of the moves in us-‘maybe like this, 1,2,3.’ He has all the moves and needs no prompting for either of us but always wants ‘just one more’. The biggest inspiration that we have met on the trip so far!


Ice Cream with a view!

DSC08316 2

Post ice cream and photoshoot the sugar rush kicks in and things get slightly wild in the National Park. Bowen starts adding to her textures photo album which I will spare you the exhaustion of looking at by not including a single one of them here. Lol jokes, Bobo picked the photos for todays post (and has done a cracking job), she spared you the exhaustion. You have a lot to thank her for. I suddenly drop to the floor as if I’m in a meadow of wild flowers but really am on a dusty floor. 5 minutes later the big queue to one of the waterfalls brings us back to earth! We wander around a little bit of E again to get our step count up and to see it in this beautiful light.

FullSizeRender 2



Before we get on the boat from P2-P1 again we find the perfect hideaway to eat our sandwiches, crisps and drink a gallon of H20. It is on top of the cliff (can you have a cliff that isn’t by the sea?) and looks over the lake below. I have never, never, ever eaten in a more beautiful spot. We leave nothing but bum prints behind and cross the lake where we rent our own boat. I start the rowing and getting out of the boat docking area is a little more difficult than first expected. The oars are just heavy. I somehow manage to get us out, Bowen directs us into the reeds and we narrowly miss one of the main electric boats. Bobo then takes over and it becomes clear quite quickly that her right arm is significantly stronger than her left. We row to the waterfall and she just loves it when I rock the boat. I take back to the oars to get us back to the boat docking area and swapping seats gets a little tricky. Bowen’s tactic of just dropping to the floor and crawling between my legs isn’t the most graceful but it works!


DSC08295DSC08346 DSC08369

The two photos above sum up how easy we found it to maover the boat!



Bowen making it look slightly easier!

We head to the picnic area and play some I can’t Donald Trump it, still the best card game ever invented. I believe that I won, Bowen may believe differently and then we decide to hike around the river before heading on route K up the mountain for some good views. The walk around the river is fun. We conquer tree roots, try to create the graceful pictures that others are taking on logs out to water but they look like we are unbalanced and sat above mud.



We begin our climb up to the top and it is one long, seemingly unending long slog of a hill but we make it and every single bit of it was worth it with the views that we are treated to. They look over the whole park (major exaggeration) and we can’t get enough of them. But after 9 hours of walking around we finally felt like we had seen what was on offer and are ravenous.



I think it is safe to say, it looks far better without us in it!


We settle on Chinese food, get their pick a table and find that they have no veggie options. The waiter only speaks Croatian and English, the cooks only speak Chinese we weren’t sure how to get around it so we head back onto the road and settle for a few card games over a shared pizza and array of vegetable side dishes. Emma wins the card games and is crowned Queen of the World. I do not handle it well…I really feel Bobo has seen just how competitive I am this holibobs!

So there you have it. Day 16 done. Plitvice is beyond beautiful. I couldn’t recommend it all, but if you do go get in touch with me. I have some top tips for beating the queues! Trust me you want them!


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