Day 14: Postjama to Pula- Dolphins, sunsets and meltdowns.

We wake up to the sound of goats bleating and pack up our belongings as once again we are on the road! This time we are heading back to good old Croatia but instead of the city life this time we are heading to the coast.

Our first stop is Pula for one night only as it is halfway-ish to Plitvice National Park where there are lots of waterfalls and hikes and mountains and lakes. One of us also picks Pula because it used to be a Roman fortress and has an amphitheatre and a temple dedicated to some chap named Augustus. I’ll let you decide which one of us that was.


Of course it was this one! Although I do like a bit of Russell Crowe!

So we pack up the car, pay our bills and head for Pula. It should be a 2 hour trip if all goes well. We potter along the road and all seems to be going smooth until we realise that we should have brought a vignette for our car to go through the tolls. So we panic and literally exit the road and to our luck go through a tool booth gate (where you can buy these vignettes) from two women who speak very limited English…but still much better than our Slovenian. Through all means of communication we think that you can back date it and that it is a sticker you stick in your car window shield and that it is not an electronic thing- we maybe wrong. I’ll let you know when the bills start coming in. So we buy one, stick it in our window and go through no more Slovenian tolls…bloody typical!

As we are near to a petrol station we buy petrol and snacks for the rest of the journey…I never want to see another Pom Bear in my life! We rate the croissants a 5 out of 10, I liked the apricot jam, Bobo like the brioche texture! All seems to be going well and then we hit the traffic to cross the Croatian boarder. Here we sit and listen to Slovenian music for an hour. We edge forward inch by inch until we finally make it to the promised land. Just like when Moses parted the Red sea all is now smooth sailing and we hit up a massive supermarket where I manage to cover myself in glitter.

We get into the hotel and plan our attack. Both of us feel the start of tired eyes kicking in but we think it is just from the journey and head towards the ampitheatre. The cool thing about this one is that it wasn’t destroyed in an Earthquake so they still use it. Not to watch grown men kill each other or be ripped apart my lions, tigers and bears but to watch people like Tom Jones perform. If only we were here in mid August!


We decide that we can actually see enough from the outside through the big arch window things and do not need to go inside it. What we do need is an Aperol Spritz with a view. We head to the Marina and sit watching the sea and the view of the ampitheatre. It isn’t the best aperol that we have had our journey but it will do.


It is at this point that something comes over me and I start to feel incredibly uncomfortable and need to rip off my own skin so that I do not feel hot or sweat anymore. I go into the bathroom splash water everywhere that I can and begin to feel a little normal again. We both realise that we are in a funk and it seems like nothing is ever going to pull us out of it again. So we head for a little wander and just so happens that stumble upon an ice cream place. A little bit of sugar and a couple of card games and we are back to our normal selves.


Ice cream fixes all problems!

We start ringing around boat companies to see if they have any space on their sunset dolphin cruises as we are not quite sure what else we could do in the evening. The first few have no spaces and we begin to loose hope. We pick one more and decide this will be the last one we try. They begin by saying that there is no space. Then they change their minds and we are in and we have 10 minutes to get there before they set sail. We quickly take some photos of the temple and rush to the harbour.



We bag their best seats, as always and give death stares to anyone that dares to sit near us. #noregreats We sit next to a cute family who live in Germany but are Hungarian. They pour us wine and give us chocolate biscuits. We like them a lot.



Just past the harbour is interesting as it seems like quite a run down area but people have parked up their car to go swimming around them. The further we go out the more beautiful it gets. Nothing but sea and islands.  That is until the birds start attacking us! Hello Hitchcock, I’m ready to be in your next movie please. There were literally no birds and then they all started coming at once. It got too much!

IMG_4276 IMG_4279

We enjoy the view and then the exciting bits start. The dolphin hunt! I made that sound worse than it is. It was just a boat looking to watch some dolphins at a safe distance for them. I promise that no dolphins were hurt in the making of this blog post. Dolphin safe nets for life.


Dolphin hunter mode activated!


Spot the one who shoved the elders and small children out of the way for the best spot!

I don’t actually believe that we will see any but frantically look for them in every view that we see. I even try some dolphinesque noises but people look at me as if I am dying so I  quickly stop. But call me Steve Irwin my noises work and there in front of us are dolphins, not on the boat, but in the water and all my dreams come true. They actually also jump out of the water so I get to see a whole of one at once and not just a little bit of it. I barge my way into the best spot and squeal every single time. The man that drives the boat told me to chill out. I push him into the sea. He is never seen again!


I can see your halo, halo, halo. I cans ee your halo, halo halo. Halooeeeoo

We stay for around half and hour and watch the dolphins and then it is time to start heading back and me and Bobo head back to our best spots on the boat for the sunset. It is absolutely beautiful. The sky and sea turn pink and blue and orange and purple and yellow and we cant stop looking. It was the perfect thing to do on our one night in Pula.

IMG_9768 IMG_9793

We get back to land safely and stroll through Pula old town which is very well designed for tourists and decide to grab some food and head home to pack our bags once again as tomorrow we hit the road once more.


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