Day 12: Lake Bled- Bleddy Beautiful!

We woke up earlish for today as we were excited to get up and onto the things that we had planned. We also had to pack our bags once again as we are off to yet another destination later tonight. All packed up we headed to the hotel breakfast which was delish. I love hotel breakfasts on the continent. So much so that I had 4 courses: muesli and yoghurt, watermelon, toast with scrambled eggs, toast with chocomilk. Bowen had watermelon and cereal. A far healthier approach than mine!


Hotel room view goals!

But we needed full tummies as Marina was picking us up early to take us paddle boarding, on Lake Bled. What is this life that we are living? We have both never been paddle boarding before and I am a little bit nervous that I may fall in but in we get on our knees to begin with. I’m starting to think hey, this is easier than it looks. We paddle to the island in the middle of the lake to check out the church and stuff and Marina promises to buy us an ice cream. She knows how to get us moving! It really is a very relaxing sport, especially doing it somewhere so beautiful. I don’t think that there are many other places in the world that could top it!

G0017869 (2)

When Bobo won’t accept your paddle so you are stranded on Lake Bled…branded a fool. GOPR7854 GOPR7856 (2) GOPR7858 (2)

As we get closer to island we get brave and stand up for a few minutes. I wasn’t sure if I was going to do it and then to my surprise Bobo was up on the board and looking like Jesus walking on water so I then had to. I am only a little bit competitive and definitely do not punch Bobo when she beats me at Wii Mario Kart racing. So I get up as well and do a backflip. LOL JOKES, I am shaking around all over the place so I get back onto my knees.

GOPR7876 (2) GOPR7877 (2) GOPR7880 (2)

We make it to the island and Marina is good to us and buys us ice creams. We walk up 99 stairs which I win and sit back and chat to the fabulous Marina. She is far cooler than both of us put together, which I know is hard to imagine. She is a total free spirt and like lives to do sport and stuff. She takes us for a walk around the island and shows us fish of all different shapes and sizes. I like the big ones, except that they eat cute ducks but circle of life and things I guess.

GOPR7885 GOPR7882GOPR7890GOPR7895GOPR7897

We get back on the p-boards and now we are all cocky because we stood up for like one minute so we do it again. Things seem to be going well until the waves pick up…bloody lake tide…and I don’t know how it happens, Bowen must have pushed me, but I fall into Lake Bled. In front of a crowd of people. Bowen said that she heard a shriek and then a splash. I felt like I was dying, but I am a survivor and recover well. Bowen paddles over and helps me flip over my paddle board- ‘which was should we flip it?’ ‘Just anyway that isn’t close to my head!’ To my complete surprise I am able to get back onto the board unaided. I must have arm muscles that rival The Rock, or Hulk Hogan, or Madonna.

So back on the board I decide to not stand up anymore, as does Bowen, although I have never been so tempted to push her in before! I am soaking wet but still looking like a pro. We paddle around some more and take in the amazing views. This is going to be a very hard moment to beat and before we know it we are heading back to the place that we got in from (there is a technical name for this I know but I just can’t remember what it is called currently!) As we go in we stand up once again and use our bodies as sails. It works, I don’t fall in, the entire Lake erupts into applause.

GOPR7919 (2)

It looks like I am trying to be protective of Bobo and keep her close to me. In reality I am trying to tip her in!


I’m riding my p-board

Wind beneath my arm sails

I believe I can sail

I’m flying without my paddle in the water!

We get back onto hard soil and I am both relieved and surprised that we are still alive. P-boarding is a sport that we could both get into. Although the views from the Lake at school are far less appealing and the smell and the non see through H2O. I am so wet that I have to sit on a towel in Marina’s car…the embarrassment. I know that I give Bo a lot of stick for her weak arms but she did incredibly well! You go Bobo! You go!



We make it back to our hotel and Bowen does the sensible thing and gets changed in the toilet. I fully strip off behind a car. I needed to get those wet clothes off! We sling on some fresh clothes and head to the local supermarket for lunch as we are going to have a picnic by the Lake. Bo goes into get the food whilst I keep guard of the car as there was no room in the car park so I am blocking everyone in. A guy comes in and shouts at a German tourist and then shouts at me and starts throwing cones around- he ain’t happy! But we make it out alive and eat cheese rolls and pom bear crisps by the Lake.


Lunch with a view!

Next up we hike down the road to the tobogganing course as you can go up this hill thing on a chairlift and then sit on a toboggan and go down it all whilst looking at the lake! I am very excited, especially because Bobo has not done this before and is a tad terrified so I tell her lots of horror stories, whilst we queue, to calm her nerves. We paid for two goes but quickly realise that the queue is too long and we probs won’t be able to use the second but we get to that when we get to it. We eventually get on the chairlift and the view from up here is beautiful. We also see someone go so slowly on the track that they actually come to a stop and can’t get started again. This is scary as someone is quickly whizzing down the track at 40km per hour behind her. Bobo shouts break just as she gets started again and everything becomes safe once again.


We get to the top of the hill and into another queue and the excitement becomes really as we see people at the start of the track. Bobo goes first, only after she has given me strict instructions to not get too close to her, to not go too fast and to make sure that if she grows so slow that she gets stuck I stop at least 50 metres away and get help! She goes down and is half way through the track before I start. I somehow still manage to finish at the same time that she does! This was so fun and an amazing way to see the Lake for one last time!

DSC07937 DSC07938

And she is off!

We don’t have time for the second go and we try to get our money back which they will not do so Bowen shouts that she is going to write a terrible trip advisor review- I put a curse on the day that you were born! We manage to sell our tickets to some English Lads and the company looses money. LOL AT YOUR FACE.

So that was the last day in Lake Bled. We are now still in Slovenia but I couldn’t even begin to tell you where we are. We are in a family owned (they are all so cute!) Tourist Farm that grows all the food that it cooks so the vegetables are delicious and the goat is fresh…We go for a little walk to meet the animals and it quickly turns out that I am a goat whisperer. But you will meet them tomorrow!


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