Day 11: Zagreb-Lake Bled: Quite frankly the best view in the World!

Day 11 started with me actually ringing Bobo at 7.30 whilst I was still asleep. I guess I just missed talking to her. It had been 7 hours!  We still have the voicemail that I left to listen to. We finish packing, and head downtown to pick up our car! Dear Lord help us. Blunt once again let loose on the wrong side of the road! No need to send your prayers about Bowen driving but she will need all your encouragement to stay awake as she has been promoted to co-pilot this year as we do not have a Sat Nav!

We managed to get through the palaver of picking up the car and decided to not get any extra insurance…the pressure is on. We did however point out every scratch, bump, bird poo, smear and bug carcass on the window screen to the man as we were checking the car. I’m not sure if he quite knew what was going on. We embraced it!

So there we were Blunt released back onto the wrong side of the road once more and this time in a manual car so there is so much more to have to think about. We make it all the way back to our apartment where we chuck in all our luggage and escape the sneaky eyes of the car parking ticket inspector.



Our next destination is Lake Bled in Slovenia. We heard that it is called the most romantic lake in all the world so we just had to check it out. The journey is uneventful and we make it to our cute hotel in the middle of nowhere (a 5 minute drive to Bled). Unfortunately we have single beds which does not make me happy. I’m not quite sure what I am going to do without Bobo by my side. I guess it is only for one night. We also have a banging view of the Alps from our bedroom window that only one of us can see as the other has a ceiling only a foot away from her head that she hasn’t already banged her head on twice already.

We change out of our car clothes and into something a little more comfortable but is incredibly bee friendly and hop in the car and head into Bled. We squeal every time we see the lake! We manage to find somewhere to leave the mini beast and grab some lunch in the ‘cutest cafe in town’ and it really is cute. Emma goes for her first fish dish and I am still in recovery mode after all the cheese from the last two nights so I opt for their simple salad and a side of vegetables. I’m not sure how my body is going to react! It is really is hard to get your 5 a day in when you are eating out every meal for nearly 4 weeks!


At lunch we sit down and make our game plan as we only have one night here and an awful lot that we want to do. We finish food and decide to set the plan into motion and quickly get distracted by a glittery train that drives around the lake. We hop on board and quickly realise that the pretty permeant tree line makes it impossible to really see the lake but the trip is good for deciding what we don’t want to do and scratch a few things off our to do list. The non-existent view doesn’t stop Bobo trying to capture it on camera. Gotta get that shot. Below is the best that we have to work with:


Tell Annie Liebowtiz to give up her day job. There is a new photographer in town and Bobo is her name!

DSC07850 DSC07852

I clearly have lost like a foot in height since the start of this trip!

We once again hop into the mini beast and begin the ascent up to the castle- the highest point around the Lake where we heard the views were banging. Here my road rage gets the best of me with a lady in a white car and we are one stop away before we have a car horn off but we turn left, she turns right, it wasn’t to be.

The castle is super old and stuff and there is some type of medieval performance going on at the exact moment that we are there. It is both awful and captivating at the same time. I’m not even sure where to begin describing it! Think old men with swords, weird hopping dancing, belly dancing without the belly, because obviously the stomach is far too sexual to have on show, a baby, and a rug to symbolise the East. We are by far the noisiest people watching the show as we treat it a little like a pantomime…we don’t think that it is appreciated!


DSC07864 DSC07868DSC07875

Post show we hold our own photo shoot on the side of the castle wall, with its sheer drop just a few centimetres away #thuglife. We were hugely inspired by couples around us and their nibbling ear and crotch grabbing poses. We try to recreate them but end up creating shots that look like a 1980s advert for pyjamas.



The views from up here are unreal and it really is a dream to be able to come see things like this. I am very aware of how lucky we are to have such long holidays but we do work hard throughout the term I promise! We hog the view and elbow anyone out of our way who dares to come more than 55 centimetres close to us. We wind down the stairs and explore the castle which is underwhelming and settle down to a homemade lemonade and take in this view for the last time!

IMG_4199 IMG_4183

We make it safe and sound back down to lake level and grab some snacks and water for our day of adventure tomorrow. We come back to the hotel for a quick change of clothes again before we head to the nearby town Radovljica for a street food festival for dinner. Our first route was not an option as a tractor literally dropped it’s load of hay bails all over the road. We felt bad and wanted to stop to help but didn’t as we have minimal arm strength.


It quickly become apparent that this is less street food and more a Slovenian soft rock concert. We couldn’t work out if these guys are a small local band that everyone loves or a big band on a small stage or a big band that has come back to their home town for a show. We have a lengthy discussion about this and then take to the floor at the front of the crowd where we enjoy the show, eat apricots in three ways and watch the small children dance like no one is watching but in fact a thousand people are…in a non creepy way. All of the music is in Slovenian, I think, but the lyrics are pretty easy to work out. They include but are not limited to- ‘creme anglaise and caramel’ ‘the red bear shot me’ and ‘girl come change your table cloth’. We liked it very much. Also helped that the lead singer was hot…yes please!

DSC07904 DSC07906 DSC07909



So there you have it our first day in Lake Bled done. Slovenia seems delightful and it is yet another place that I could spend a lot more time in exploring its beautiful natureside.

Make sure you come back tomorrow. We have all the fun activities planned. If you are reading this then it means that I did not die via drowning. You’ll see what I mean in less than 24 hours time…ciao for now buddies.


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