Day 10: Zagreb- Zombie, Zombie, Zombie

If I said to you that we had an early start this morning you would have to call me a liar. Nothing was early about it and we bloody loved it. We realised on our travels last year that you need a little down time so we decided to not set our alarm this morning. That actually means that I set my alarm for 9am as I have blog posts to write but Bobo the Queen of faffing had time to faff until she could faff no more.

We made it out of the hotel a little before 12 and fell straight into a place for lunch. We chose a Californian Mexican place. I am still in recovery from the cheese incident of the 16th July 2017 so I opt for a salad with tofu. You know times are hard when you actually pick tofu to eat. Bobo has a burrito. We contemplate what life was like before the cheese incident. It is frankly very hard to remember.


No cheese here, well there is a little bit. I’m trying to ween myself off!

Post lunch we plod up the hill to the cathedral but get distracted by the souvenir shops. I started a salt and pepper collection back in our first trip together down the east coast of America of two pigs making bacon in Nashville. This time I go for a little cartoon man, hand painted and with his legs spread. I have actually made that sound far dirtier than it actually is.


We then saunter up to the cathedral and check it out. It  ain’t half bad. Although we do have to sneak in as we stumble on Luca, our tour guide from yesterday who we ditched half way through the tour. #awks. This cathedral is probs the best one that we have seen so far on the trip. We take in all the religion and decide its time for ice cream. But first we do some more souvenir shopping and the Bo fills me in on her future cat plans as she buys a mini cat magnet…one word pudding. It’s actually kinda cute if it was a dog.





We head to the ice cream place that I read was one of the best in the world. Well it is no salt and rock in Venice Beach from last year but it does a pretty decent snickers and sour cherry. We sit and flick through their menu which is insane, see massive party cakes be brought out for a family of three, one being a teenie tiny child and watch just how much sugar goes into ice cream.


Im just a girl, standing in front of ice cream, asking it to love her!

Next stop on our day full of non stop activity was us being separated for the second time in ten days. Every other second has been spent together and I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to cope. Bowen headed to an art gallery that she summed up as: weird but grand but there were only two other people in it. All the artists claimed to be famous through tenuous connections to actual famous artists but in reality just didn’t live up to it.


The disco flight attendant in a past life!

I went and chilled it in the Botanical Gardens as I didn’t think that the gallery would be my jam. I saw cute turtles in a lake, sat in the sun, skipped around a water fountain and was followed by a a man and his ukulele. I hate ukuleles. I also kept a very close eye out for butterflies as I hate them/ am absolutely petrified of them. Luckily there were no butterflies but the tan is coming along nicely and I caught up on some reading.


Me and Bo romantically met at the main water fountain in town and dangled our feet into it. It reached 36 degrees and the icy cold water cooled is exactly what we needed. Except when it got windy and we were sprayed everywhere. I did not like!


It was important to be cool of mind for our second trip to an escape room in the past 10 days. This time it was a Zombie themed room and we had to find the only cure in the whole wide world. I think it is safe to say that we learnt some things about ourselves in the 60 minutes we spent locked in the room.

  1. We are not good searchers
  2. We def are not mathematicians- “it is not multiply it is to the power of” in the most monotone voice ever
  3. We don’t know how to insert USB sticks into computers
  4. This escape room is far too complicated for us
  5. If there was ever a need for someone to fully crawl inside a low dark cupboard then I am your girl. I also have the arm muscles of a minatour.
  6. If you ever need someone with a steady hand. Then Bobo is your girl. She is cool as a cucumber.
  7. Don’t however depend on Bobo to be able to recognise the colour blue. It will only cause you more arm ache.
  8. That I am a fox!
  9. And you are a box!


So yep we didn’t complete this game room. It was for the more advanced of mind. Soz. Looks like you are all going to get devoured by zombies.

We leave heavy hearted and puzzled at how anyone could ever complete that room and decide that Italian food is our only hope. We find the cutest little Italian restaurant which could be in Lady and the Tramp and order a pizza and pasta to share. The pasta is simple and delicious and has almonds in it…must remember to put almonds in my pasta at home! The pizza on the other hand is absolutely covered in cheese. I have never seen so much cheese on a pizza and after last night it is the last thing we need. We manage to eat most of it and then wander back through the streets of Zagreb to our room for the very last time.


Quite possibly the worst angle of a photograph ever taken!

Tomorrow we head for Slovenia but will be back in Croatia to go down the coast line in a few days. Our first Slovenian stop is Lake Bled- the most romantic lake in the world…the perfect place for us!!!!!


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