Day 8: Budapest-Zagreb: Literally a day full of trains!

Today is our last morning in Budapest and once again I think that we have managed to squeeze in the whole city in just three sleeps. We wake up slightly later than we meant to and panic pack the rest of our worldly belongings into our already over stuffed suitcases. We have to lug them down the twisty turney stairs and make it into the outside world. We drop them off at the reception office and have three hours to fit in the last that Budey has to offer.

First things first we head to 9bar for some breakfast. This really is a hipster’s paradise. There is a bike mounted onto the wall that is wrapped in fairy lights, more coffee machines than you can shake a stick at and tidily trimmed massive beards. We eat, Bobo gets her calcium hit of the day with the milkiest coffee in the world and then we are ready to hit up the crazy Miniversium.


For all of you that know Bobo you will know that she isn’t always as cool as she looks! On the first day in Budapest she discovered that there was a Miniversium- literally the universe (well Hungary, Austria and Germany) in minute form- and she lost her mind. The scale was 1 to 100 and they had over 100 buttons to press which perked me up somewhat as we were at the ticket desk.




We enter and I don’t think that I have seen Bowen happier in the entire first week that we have been here, or in fact the entire 4 years that I have known her. She squeals every time that she sees a train, pushes young children out of her way and pollutes my camera card with countless pictures of small things. I press every single button and make her guess what it is doing, she seems to like it. The place is literally massive and whilst I wouldn’t have chosen to come here if I was riding solo I am glad that I did just to see how excited the Bo can get. I have just asked her to describe it for me and she said: ‘best experience of my life.’  Bless her.

DSC07746 DSC07763

Post all things small we head for a final stroll around the streets of Budey and we head back to the fresh pasta place for lunch as we only have 20 minutes before we need to get ourselves to the train station.

And that is where I am now typing this from. Over 5 hours into our train journey from Budapest to Zagreb. It has gone surprisingly quickly. I have caught up on some blog post writing and Bowen is in full action planning for our few days in Croatia’s capital. The things that have kept us entertained are going to the toilet that literally drops onto the train track…breezy, the fact that we have raised the average age of the train carriage by 62 years and are clearly the only ones on it that do not have an inter rail pass, and the rolling Hungarian countryside that literally looks the same as the UKs- EU snap!




This is as close as we were comfortable getting to Lake Balaton AKA Party Lake

I’ll check in again once we reach our flat in Zagreb…if we ever do as we have just currently stopped at a train station for an hour with no air con, had our passports checked twice and started off again in the direction that we have just come from. Pray for us!

We have reached our flat in Zagreb and the holiday fairies have blessed us with, well, a blessing. You see we were nice folk on the train. Some lovely young boys helped us put our suitcases on the top rack and half way through the train journey our mothering instincts kicked in and we offered them some Oreos as they looked very hungry indeed. The holibobs fairies saw this kind act and I got a text from our hotel in Zagreb to say that the room we were meant to be staying in air con had stopped working so we were being upgraded to room 3 for the trip. We had no idea what room 3 meant but it turns out it is bloody beautiful. A four poster bed, exposed brick walls, a separate bathroom and not a shower in the middle of the room. Hugely romantic…perfect for us!

Also to mention the group of girls that witnessed our kindness of giving the Oreos to the young chaps that they clearly fancied. Their faces were full of shock as they whispered to one another ‘did you see that, did you see that?’ One girl also whispered: ‘how old do you think they are, like, 30?’ with a pure look of horror on her face. No my darling Bobo is almost 30 as she is a whole year older than me. I am still very much in my twenties.

The rest of the train was filled with reading, card games (which I won the vast majority of), sleeping-that was surprisingly only me, Bobo didn’t sleep a wink, who would bloody believe it?!?!?!?! Are there any moments we want to forget? Maybe the hour long wait that I mentioned above at the Hungarian-Croatian boarder so both sets of police could check our passports! With no air conditioning. So Bo had to use her GIANT FAN and everyone looked at me!





And now we must rest for our first full day in Zagreb tomorrow. It looks really beautiful so far and very different to Budapest! I can not wait!



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