Day 7- Budapest- A Buda Full day!

Today we set our alarms earlier than usual as we have another super busy day planned. We shimmied into our swimming costumes and strutted across the road to the metro, not only wearing our swimmers…we put clothes on top! We met a lovely older gentleman who sold us some tickets and we risked our whole lives jumping onto the fastest moving escalators that we have ever been on. We made it and headed to the river to pick up some breakfast and ran across the river to the spa!!

Spas are part of the culture of Hungary, which I can personally fully get onboard with and it would have been so rude of us to not fully experience all of the culture. #culturevultures4life! We picked Gellert spa, mainly because it is in the 36 hour Europe book. It turned out that it was a fabulous pick! It was really beautiful but obviously it would have been weird of us to take photos in there, but it appears that not everyone got that memo! We are in the background of many family holiday photos with faces like thunder!


I think it would be fair to say that our highlight of the spa was the wave pool! Every half an hour ‘I Like To Be In America’ blasted through the speakers and we would drop all belongings and run to the pool. I like to think that we looked like Ariel from the Little Mermaid but sadly I think that we really didn’t. There were some right daredevils in there splashing around just where the water broke, being thrown around and all sorts. Bobo wanted us to go join them but I reminded her of how we coped in the waves of Venice Beach last summer…it was not pretty!

We spent a good few hours rotating like rotisserie chickens in the sun, Bobo was of course protected by a parasol, splashing around in the adventure pool, reading, bathing in the 40 degree thermal pool and eating all the ice creams. It was the perfect way to recuperate from the long days that we have been having- all of our aches and pains have now gone…magic water, healing water. So healing that one man sat under a little trickling water fountain looking incredibly sad, we hope that he is alright!

Post spa we headed to a little Vegan street food place for some food as it was 3pm and we had not yet eaten lunch! It was a super cool little place that served food bigger than our heads. Bobo had a Mexican hot dog that stung her lips and I ate a curried lentil burger that did not burn mine. We made the bold statement of saying that this was the best food we have eaten in Budapest so far! Check it out if you are on the Buda side, it is super close to the spa and I do love a bit of all vegan food as does the planet!


Next we embarked on the thing that we came to Budapest to do…and no I am not joking…it may have inspired the whole Pre-Brexit tour-not us leaving the EU- that has all been a rouse! To get to this activity we had to jump in a taxi and get out of the city centre.  We had planned things perfectly- hugely by accident as both of us could not for the life of us work out how to get there. But there was the Childrens’ Railway. No this is not a railway made for children, it is a railway run by children! WHAT BY CHILDREN? YES BY CHILDREN! NO WAY!! YES WAY! They potter around in their adorable outfits, selling tickets and doing signals and stuff. We jump onboard of the train and get very excited when a cute little girls asks Bobo for our tickets.




It quickly becomes clear that the excitement gets a little too much for me and I have a hard time controlling it. All I wanted was to be their friend!


DSC07696 DSC07691


We got off half way and climbed up a huge mountain (a small hill) to the next part of our adventure day…a chairlift! But first it was time for a second ice cream…shhh, and then to make our way to the boarding zone.



It quickly becomes clear that Bobo has never been on a chairlift before. Not only did she wake up the whole mountain with her shrieks when she realised that we had to pull down the safety barrier for ourselves but in getting on the chair she managed to knock off her sunglasses and a poor little old man had to risk his whole life to get them for her. Bless him!


It was also quite funny when I tried to rock the chairlift. I may have rocked it so hard that it stopped the whole chairlift for a minute or so. I liked it. Bo did not! She did however enjoy the overall experience. We both loved the beautifully trimmed bushes that allowed us to pass through them in the air.


I would honestly say that the chairlift and the railway are the highlight of Budapest. There were no other tourists there at all and it was lovely to be surrounded by locals. It was also a fab little break from city gal life and good to once again be surrounded by all of the nature.


We got the bus back to our apartment. I couldn’t recommend going around on buses in Budapest more. The driver’s don’t seem all that fussed with actually selling tickets. This driver told us to share one. I saw it as 450 HUF saved Bobo saw it as a one way ticket into a Hungarian prison- which I really hope are in dungeons under castles.

We got back to out flat and realised that the bottle of Rose that we had intended to save for tonight had accidentally been left in the freezer, by us, and was now an ice cube. So we put in a load of washing whilst we wait for it to be defrosted and begin the mammoth task of packing our bags which gets harder ever single time that we have to do it.

The time ticks its way around the clock to 9.30PM and we are ready and head out into the warm night air of Budapest. Who even are we? We hit up Mazel Tov a beautiful little Israeli restaurant that is literally decked out as if Pinterest exploded all over it and sit back to enjoy the cocktails and plates of hummous. Bowen drinks a Dead Sea Mug which rocks her world and then a Ginny which has so much ice in it that it would def have rivalled the titanic iceberg. I have two big glasses of the Tel Aviv Nights. It is like Summer and Christmas hooked up and I was drinking their love child…and I enjoyed it! We also had a rocking time trying to work out who were World Champion swimmers or not. No sightings of Tom Daley around this part of town!


The face you make when you taste summer and winter’s love child for the first time!


From the delights of Mazel Tov begins our descent into the dirty depths of Budapest’s night life. We head to the biggest Ruin Bar that there is and are confronted with a queue of people that couldn’t have been older than 12. We decide to give it a miss. We then wander through the courtyard and see 4 people raving to discotheque music alone…drugs…hoards of tourists wailing along to Wonderwall in a karaoke bar and we finally admit to ourselves that we are too old for this and head back to our peaceful little oasis of a flat…and do you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way!


So this is the last full day of our stint in Budapest. Tomorrow we are boarding the midnight train (afternoon) going anywhere (Zagreb)

Cheers for the good times Budey, you have been a blast!


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