Day 6: Budapest- Putting the fun into the icular!

Post Opening Ceremony celebration we decided to take it easy this morning with a 9am wake up call but now that we are old ladies we were both up at 7.50am. You would be wrong to think that we actually got out of bed at this time but I had a blog post to write and Bowen had some faffing to do so by 10am we were up, both newly hair washed and eating breakfast in an alright cafe around the corner to our place.


Yesterday’s bike tour actually meant that we had seen a lot of the Pest side of the Danube that we wanted to do so we trekked on over to the Buda side to get down and funky with the FUNicular. It actually doesn’t have a capital FUN but it makes it sound banging! After pushing the elderly, children and pregnant women out of our way we managed to bag the best spot in the FUNicular- front and centre baby, and enjoyed the view for the whole 30 seconds that it lasted. It is basically a lazy gals version of getting to the top of the hill…I promise that we have walked nearly 20,000 steps today!

DSC07621 DSC07625


Bobo became tour guide for the day with her downloaded Buda walking tour. It involved pointing at buildings and grunting what they were…I joke, she was very good but could provide very little information for my endless questions. We strolled around and took in the sights. The church is beautiful and the little towers adorable but as Bobo put it, it has a bit of a Disneyland vibe to it. Selfie sticks polluting the air, and people barging past one another for the best photo shots and that was just me! I joke, I don’t have a selfie stick!





DSC07645 DSC07647

We wandered around and took in how beautiful it all is and decided to head to a museum. We settled on the Houdini House museum but got distracted by the Aperol Spritz sign so we sat down in a beautiful courtyard to drink what may be the most alcoholic spritz I have ever had! We left feeling buzzy!


We made it to the Houdini museum and it was full. Bobo also really wanted to go the the National Art Gallery so she went that way and I was meant to head back to get my magic on at 3.15pm. I sat at a beautiful monument, overlooking the beautiful church and got an ice-cream and read my book. Within 10 minutes I was surrounded by millions of Americans who had recently cruised to Budapest from the UK. We had lots to talk about- the sights they had seen, how they manage their medication whilst travelling and the pros and cons to getting a blow dry on ship everyday. We got on immensely, so much so that I missed the 3.15pm slot so didn’t make it to the magic show but instead carried on people watching with my Yank friends. We worked out that there is a wedding in a church every 30 minutes- the nearby Hungarian did not appreciate it when I likened it to Las Vegas! I said goodbye to my new mates as they boarded their coaches in colour order, bless them and dashed off to meet Bobo.


Bobo rated the National Gallery a 3 out of 5 as in the words of Bowen- ‘The Hungarian art just ain’t that great! But she did like the ‘real’ 3D art after our fantasy fulfilling time last night. She also managed to find the original Harry Potter most wanted sign of Jesus! He has been a naughty boy turning all that H20 into wine…people need to hydrate Christ! She made it to the top of the Dome without any of my encouragement- the training is paying off Bobo, proud of you!





I admitted to the Bo that I had not made it to the Houdini museum so we ventured North, back to the Pest side of the Danube for a date at the Contemporary Art Museum. It was alright! I liked the wooden shelves and electric cars, I did not like the advertisement video…I may have had a cheeky nap- Bobo has stayed awake all day today- you are a better woman than I am Bo!


IMG_9416Proof that I did infect go into a museum today!

Last night, at dinner, we purchased two tickets to see the synchronised swimming mixed duet that was taking place at this World Championships that is also here in Budey, (our cute nickname for Budapest!) The tickets cost £1.50 so we couldn’t say no! They took place in the most beautiful location- an outdoor pool with a castle next door and the mountains in the background. We had a pre dinner snack of cheese and headed to the stadium and up the stairs of death to the very back row but one! We had no idea what to expect but it was a lot of fun! Russia ended up winning (not a huge surprise, said whilst sassily pushing sunglasses back up nose) but the people wanted Italy and Spain! You will always be the people’s favourites! Never forget that! There were was a lot of sassy hand flicks, fast legs, rock hard abs and magnificent entries into the water. We are heading to one of the bath houses tomorrow so we will be sure to recreate what we learnt- I think that it is safe to say our knowledge on synchro swimming has increased by 100%!

DSC07654 DSC07657 DSC07658

We have officially mastered public transport (I say we, I mean Bobo, she is an investigative wizard!) and we got the bus all the way back to our flat. The bus man let us on for free, I felt comfortable in this low level law breaking escapade. Bobo did not!

So here we are now, meant to be going out to explore the ruin bars but we are worried it may be dominated by too many stag groups so we have decided to head to those tomorrow night instead. We (Bowen) has researched all of our activities for tomorrow and it looks like it will be another action packed day full of spa-ing and visisitng the Children’s Railway. I could not be more excited!



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