Day 4: Sofia- Communist Thursday and helping out Indiana Jones

We decided late last night to not set an alarm and to wake up when we wake up as most of today’s things to do are all planned for the afternoon. I was sneaky and set an alarm at 8.50am as a girl has got a blog to write but we didn’t leave the house until 11am. It was bloody bliss! Apparently there were fireworks at 5am, who has fireworks at 5am. Apparently me and Bowen had a conversation about it. I do not remember such things. I think Bobo maybe making it up!

No pancakes for us this morning after our day of indulgence and instead we went to the Socialist Art Museum for an afternoon filled of technicolour and art to make the soul happy. We made it there by a method of transport that I do not wish to disclose in this post and roamed around without a ticket.


There was the massive Lenin statue that was erect (lol) in the main area of town where the statue of Saint Sofia now standing tall and proud. Man I didn’t realise he was so tall and he is also rocking some amazing eyebrows…I may have  a crush on Lenin! We went inside and watched propaganda videos and saw some paintings, sketches and the like that really did bring E.L. James’s 50 shades of grey to life…and not in a sexual way!


We were also caught out on the way out without a ticket…we thought it would be in the Communist spirit to not pay…so we then made use of the gift shop, but the offerings were surprisingly tame. The museum was smaller than we thought it might be and the sculptures were the highlight. It was pretty powerful stuff.


We then made it back to the city centre were we definitely were not ripped off by another undisclosable mode of transport.  We should have taken the tram…but it is so damn hard to figure out! Emma took me out for lunch in a vegetarian place that looked like the beginning of the hostel movie  but the food was actually alright and at £7 no one is complaining here. Of course this was followed up by a post lunch ice cream- note to future self, come back to Sofia for the chocolate orange rum gelato. It is so very much worth it.

This was followed by a potter around the streets, we went past our favourite gun shop and tried to get into the doll museum but it was shut AGAIN! Bloody dolls, spoiling my holibobs! We also managed to go into a shop where the lady gave us a 5 hour lecture on different Bulgarian bracelets. We can not remember a word that was said but we got to use her air conditioning so I guess that everybody is a winner!

Up next is what will probably be the highlight of not only this trip but of my whole entire life. The Indiana Jones themed escape room. I have never had so much fun in my whole entire life. We were Indie’s favourite students and had to help him keep the Nazi’s away from the crystal skull. The man who ran it was super adorable! We ran around like small children finding clues, working out puzzles and opening secret doors. It lasted an hour but felt like 5 minutes. We needed assistance with remembering the simple instructions that we were given in our briefing…’remember what I said about the circle?’ ‘Noooooooooo’! But we did manage to complete it with 8 minutes to spare which meant that we had time to pose with Indie props. Living our best life possible. We are going to become just like our Trip Adviser friend Piere and do a Grand Tour of Europe’s Escape rooms. It would be a life well spent!


We rushed over to the Palace of Justice and met our new tour group for the Communist Walking Tour. It was a mixed bunch of folk who were ready to march around Sofia’s beautiful streets to learn all about the some of beautiful Sofia’s darker times. It was actually an amazing 3 hour long walk where we learnt so much! I can honestly say that we had a 100% knowledge increase in all things Socalist.



It is amazing to learn about something that happened so recently and to see how much has changed in this city in the last 10 years.  We also learnt that if the party leaders are not stood on a balcony as we are marching past to wave at them then there is probably a nuclear disaster going on and that if we are ever given a piece of the Berlin Wall to not clean the graffiti off it, and then try to recreate it, and then clean it again. We also saw history happen as one of the last communist statues was being taken down. We will be in the history books forever!



DSC07467 IMG_0096

Daniel, our tour guide, who must have been our age told a lot of stories about his childhood and events that had happened to his family. We also got super cute pins at the end of the tour! Couldn’t recommend it more.


Me and the Bo also learnt that if all else fails in life then we can buy a broken down guitar and sit in a tube, she can strum and I can shout ‘good music , good music’ to the people who pass us by. It seemed to be working a treat!

Post Communist Thursday we headed back to our popping road for a good old pizza and beer. I was clearly very excited by this…


If you do find yourself in Sofia then do stay at Lucho’s Airbnb. The location is the best in the whole of the city: But for now we find ourselves slumped on the sofa and Emma still needs to pack as we are flying early to our second stop on the Pre-Brexit tour- Budapest we are ready for you! Sofia you have been a wonderful laid back intro to life in Eastern Europe, hopefully I will be back!



A super special out to Bobo who managed to not have nap, or even wanted to the whole of today! Proud of you girl!






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