Day 3: Sofia- Meeting monks in the mountains and falling in love with Maria.

Day 3 got off to a similar start to day 2 and by similar start I mean we ate pancakes. This time we shared a Nutella and sour cherry. Sour cherries should always be in pancakes, always!!

We sat outside and waited for our tour guide to pick us up for a day in Rila Mountain exploring the nature and the Monastery. It was clear from the very first second that we were going to love our tour guide Maria. Maria was taking us into the mountains, it was all very Sound of Musicesque. We were in heaven.

It was a two hour drive to the mountain and we chatted to Maria the whole way there as she is such a babe. She pointed out everything we went past with such enthusiasm for the birds, the flowers, and all of the ring roads. It was hard not to get caught up in it all. Emma did surprisingly well at staying awake. We saw swallows and stalks and fields of sunflowers and trees and pot holes and cute vineyards outside of homes. We like countryside Bulgaria very much.


Before the monastery we stopped in a meadow and it is at this point that I have just realised that I haven’t told you about our tour buddies. We were joined by two cute elderly Chinese ladies. They didn’t speak a lot of English but we did manage to find a bond through our mutual love of rolling around in meadows, although they had a little less luck standing back up again. Bless them.

IMG_0063 IMG_0066 IMG_0067

We also managed to bag a selfie with the beautiful Maria. We were so lucky that she took us to such a beautiful spot!



Post meadow roll we scooted on down the hill to the monastery where Maria brought us doughnuts from the old monk bakery which were delicious  #mariasourbulgarianmother4life


We entered the monastery and holy smoke the place is beautiful. Bowen adored all the frescos and the use of the colour blue. I loved the old bones that were in a box and were apparently magical.

IMG_0070 IMG_0072

We roamed around for an hour or so and just took in the amazing colours and fresh mountain air. Man this place is not stuffy at all. Maria kept telling us to smell the sweet alpine air but I couldn’t cos of hayfever and stuff holding me back on living a fulfilling and fruitful life.

IMG_0076 IMG_0081

Post monking around we headed down the mountain for some lunch. Being vegetarian was something a little different for the tour so they had to put together a special lunch for us which consisted of cheese, layered with butter, layered with eggs and then repeated. Don’t worry it had two tomato slices in it so we are totally loving the healthy life. Doughnuts, cheese, pancakes…healthy diet, healthy minds.


We jumped back in the minibus and began our pilgrimage back to Sofia and shock horror it wasn’t Bowen who fell asleep on the way back. It was me. For like an hour. I did not like it-it makes me groggy and more tired, how does Bobo do it?

On the way back we hit up Boyana church where Maria sang us a song and we ate pombear crisps in the garden. It was pretty perfect.


We dropped off our lovely Chinese ladies and Maria dropped us off in the main park. We were going to rent a boat but decided to get the worlds worst lemonade instead as there were too many teenagers and we looked like prime splashing targets. We pottered around the park and at every 5 minute intervals  had a little sit down break- we have literally been healthy lifestyle goals today. Mr Motovator has been non stop calling our digits. It’s getting to much!

We did however find an outdoor gym. Bobo was a bloody natural. You go Bobo. You go.


As the evening drew closer we laid down dinner plans and headed to our favourite bar- be at one, be at bar, for a cheeky aperol. It was strong, it was delicious. Behind us two chicks were doing some kind of photo shoot in a crowded bar- they weren’t quite doing it right so we showed them how to!! Move out the way us sisters have got the moves!


Our bellies were hungry for some vegetables and we tucked on into plates of them at a little restaurant called Made in Blue- it was a little style over substance but we def got our veggie allowance for the day – it was very much needed.There was not a single cheese in sight!


So here we are lying in bed, showered and smelling fresh and watching crappy movies. It couldn’t be a more perfect way to end a long day stuffed full of adventures and calories. We wouldn’t have it any other way!!!





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