Day 1 Sofia: Welcome to the Pre-Brexit Tour

Well hello there again old friends. It has been a while.

But do not fear I am back with my old pal Bobo bringing you more daily updates of our Summer adventures together! Where are we going this time I hear you cry? Back to America?? Well this one has a bit of a story to it so grab yourself a cuppa and I will begin.

We decided that America can’t handle anymore Blunt and Bo so we decided to look elsewhere. We thought Canada, we thought Japan, we thought Vietnam and even old El Paso but our final decision was made on a somewhat deeper level.

The World has been in a state of political chaos recently. Trump, May, Corbyn, North Korea’s nuclear weapons, fields of wheat being violated and worst of all the good old British public being asked to Brexit…or not to Brexit. The public cast their votes and Brexit it is. It is safe to say that Bobo and I are devastated…EU bitches for life.

So there we were feeling sad and blue about being forced to go and we decided that if we are being made to leave then we should grab the EU (and some non EU countries) by the Ed Balls and see it whilst we still don’t need visas to. So there began the 6 month journey of planning the Pre-Brexit Tour. We have 4 weeks to squeeze in as much as we possibly can and we are going to drag you along with us.

Destination 1: Bulgaria


So as i’m writing this we are in Sofia, which I kinda like because it is pretty much my name, so we are in the World of me! Delicious. It got off to an early start but even 6am Terminal 5 Heathrow traffic can’t keep us away and we managed to get through security in time for a two course breakfast and plenty of lunch buying. Since our last Summer escapades Bowen has bagged boy, which was pretty much all down to me and a Forest Gump length of a conversation on a San Franciscan bench, so I was left solo in my excitement of sharing our plane with the team GB kayak and canoe squad who are in Sofia for some EU competition…not for long…bloody Brexit. Their arms are delicious but unfortunately we were not sat next to them but instead next to an older chap who according to his bag was beautiful inside and out. Do you know what? He really was!

The plane journey was uneventful. Mainly because Bowen fell asleep straight away, woke for food, and then slept some more. Also because flying when sat 10 rows in front of team GB kayakers is dull. We flew, we landed, we got our baggage and into a taxi of death. The man flew down those Bulgarian highways!

We made it safe and sound to our gorgeous AirBnb flat and then realised we were going to have to carry our suitcases up 5 floors. For the first time in forever I managed to pack lighter than Bo so whizzed up those stairs and then being the pal I am I helped Bo by carrying up her smallest bag. She will get arm muscles!!!!!!!!!

We unpacked, we read a million leaflets about a place called Plivdiv…that definetly isn’t the name… and made our plan for the day- a potter, a sit down, another potter, dinner, home.

So potter we did all the way to the end of our street- which is pretty banging and found a delicious little spot in the shade for an Aperol Spritz and a cool glass of Dali’s moustache punch. What an utterly fabulous start to the holibobs.

DSC07340 DSC07341

The second part of the plan was a smaller potter and we stumbled across the cathedral, which was no St Peter’s but it was alright and a cool place to hide from the sun, BOWEN IS SUNBURNT ALREADY…I REPEAT BOWEN IS SUNBURNT ALREADY. Bowen is also a super sneak and broke their no photography rule…your literally going to hell and I managed to snap this shot of her outside the religious gaff. What a blue sky!



We then pottered on down to a beaut of a park and people watched, napped in the late afternoon sun and made plans for dinner. I could get used to this Sofian life!

Dinner was delicious- you must go to Lavanda if you are ever in this part of the World! Beautiful, fresh food in a gorge little outside space. The waitress was a gem and we tucked on in to plates full of veggies and couscous whilst being kept cool by that Eastly Asian wind. Emma got let loose with the camera and got ‘arty’. Bless her!



And now here I find us sat in our pyjamas and day one is done. I am in mourning all ready! We are in Bulgaria for 3 more days (I think) and we have so much to see and do. Two words: DOLL MUSEUM. I kid you not!





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