Who would bloody believe that it is a year ago that I started this blog series. I am in a far happier, healthier and positive place and I put a large part of that down to this process of sitting down, evaluating my mindset and creating new goals each month. I am for sure continuing this process but am making some slight changes which I wrote about in another wanky 2017 goal post here! 


I have spent the majority of December in a festive Christmas frenzy. It really is my most favourite month and because of that I have been in states of poor joy! Teaching can get intense at the end of this really long first term and it really was intense this year too but it didn’t affect me in quite the same way as it did last year. I took it in my stride, allowed myself to rest and take time off and paced myself well so that I didn’t burn out- something that I did not do very well in 2015!


The first half of the month was spent still at work celebrating Christmas with friends, colleagues and my lovely students. The second half was spent at home with my parents, sisters and Coco the dog.



It has been a wonderfully quiet time spent exercising, buying, giving and opening presents, eating good food, reading brilliant books and listening to George Micheal on repeat. Quiet has been good. Quiet is what I have needed to see out eventful 2016. It is the year that I lost my beautiful Grandmother, the year that I feel I am starting to get to grips with Mental Health and the year that I got a hold of my eating and started to exercise seriously again. I am two and a half stone lighter than I was this time last year.


If the end of December was quiet then I am planing on making the start of 2017 as noisy and packed as I possibly can, whilst still allowing myself quiet moments to breathe. I’m ready to shake life up a little. 2016 was peaceful and it was so important that I was kind to myself in it. I want to keep hold of this kindness for 2017 but also to be a year of exploration, adventure and fun! I am so very ready!



I did it! I didn’t just read 5 books but I read 6: The Road by Cormac McCarthy, Late Fragments by Kate Gross, The Full Spectrum by David Levithan, Eileen by Ottessa Moshfegh, Holding Up The Universe by Jennifer Niven and Hot Feminist by Polly Vernon. This means that I reached my 50 books target this year and actually read 51 in 2016. I am so super proud of myself. Reading has always been my favourite hobby and I have come across some truly awesome, and a few awful books this year. If I could recommend just one it would be: Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimmamda Ngozi Adiche. READ. IT. NOW!!!! I uploaded reviews of the last books read in 2016 here. 


I have done this almost everyday. I can do it pretty easily with the help of my trusty HydrateM8 bottle and when I am not rushing around and remember to put it in my bag then I drink 3, sometimes, 4 litres. I feel so much better when I do. My brain is alert, my skin looks clearer and I have so much more energy. It is something that I am determined to keep up in the new year!


I now have a much bigger grips on my comings, my goings, what I should be spending, what I should be saving, how much food typically costs me, ways that I can cut out wasting money (here’s looking at you ASOS…goodbye my lover) and I feel surprisingly upbeat and positive about getting my money shit together. Could it be that I am becoming an adult?!?!


I briefly mentioned above that 2017’s monthly goals are going to be in a slightly different format…spice of life and all that jazz! Again here is the link where I go into more detail about the changes. But for now let’s get those changes a rockin’.



The mind centered goal that I am going to be working on this month is going to see me jumping on the hobby horse and trying to find something that I like to do. I am keen to join a creative writing group but feel it is important to actually do some writing (that isn’t just me wittering away on this blog) before I reach out and join one. Hopefully I will share what I have been working on at the end of this month with you guys.



I move back into my flat and out of my parent’s house on the 7th January. From the 7th January to the 31st January I am going to eat a plant based diet, make new recipes that I have always wanted to cook, try new ingredients and fall out of love with dairy. It doesn’t mean that come February I will continue to eat strictly plant based but I want to use this month to see what works for me, what doesn’t and to create my own rules.



This goal will be the same each month. One new place, close to home or the other side of the World. The only rule is that I have not been to that place before. This month shall be close-ish to home: Petersham Nursery and Richmond Park. I have been meaning to go for so long now and it just looks so beautiful. It is scheduled in my diary. I am going!



So I have all the standard dating websites. Tinder, Bumble, bloody Coffee Meets Bagel. I moan on to my friends that they are crap but if I am honest I haven’t been giving them a chance and haven’t been replying to messages with any real gusto. This is the month that I give them a chance. I am going to reply, or even start a conversation with something other than a banging knock knock joke…why doesn’t that work?


So there you have it. My first goal post of 2017 and my first attempt at setting the new style goals. I know that I have other year long goals that I want to work on too, like the 1 pull up, living a cruelty free lifestyle etc and I will still be working on these alongside the more specific goals above. These are just the four at the forefront of my mind for January. I can’t do it all at once!

What will you be working on this month? Let’s make 2017 the best one yet!




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