Another wanky 2017 goals post!


Now don’t get me wrong this isn’t going to be a ‘new year, new me’ type of goal setting post. I don’t need to be a new me, I like me already! I’m pretty fabulous! But if my blog post series: The Pursuit of Happiness, has shown me anything then I really thrive on setting myself small, manageable bite sized goals. I have been doing it throughout 2016- each month there have been 3 new goals and I am in a far happier, healthier and positive place because of this process. I am most certainly going to be keeping this blog series up, its going nowhere but I want to bring a bit more structure to the goals. This is something that I have been thinking about for a little while now. I have decided to increase my 3 monthly goals to 4 goals and to have 1 goal under each of the following categories: mind, body, adventure and relationships. My first Pursuit of Happiness post is up on the 4th January so set your alarms so that you can catch the new style goal setting in action!


I also want to think a little longer term this year. I finally feel ready to think more about the future. Just writing that last sentence shows the progress that I have made within myself over the past 12 months. There is no way I could have stuck to anything long term this time last year, just thinking that I had 12 months sprawling ahead of me would have sent me into an anxious daze and I know that I would have switched off from the world completely. It was just too vast, too daunting, too big. I’m ready now though. These goals aren’t anything outstanding, extraordinary, or life changing but this is a big step for me and hopefully will help me to focus my monthly goals too.



52 books

I read 50 books fairly easily in 2016 so I know that I can read 52, one a week, in 2017. I have really enjoyed getting back into reading regularly and it has fully cemented itself back in my life as the thing that ‘I do’. I want to read new authors from around the world- that is going to be my reading theme for the year- books from different cultures, countries and ways of looking at the world. I have also started a monthly book club at work with some of my gorgeous colleagues and have recently joined Banging Book Club online which is based on books around sex and gender, so I am certain that will bring a lot of fun with it too.

Find a hobby

So I wrote above that reading is what ‘I do’. Recently I started to think that this isn’t enough. I was actually on a date, not a great date, in August and he asked me what I did. I really didn’t know how to respond and it has left me with this desire to do more stuff…what, I don’t quite know yet but I have a list of stuff that I want to give a go- I am pretty certain that I want to join a creative writing group so maybe that is where I will start first!

Cruelty Free

I made the move to vegetarianism a few years ago now and I haven’t regretted it even for a second, I can safely say that it is the best thing that I have done, for myself and less selfishly for our environment. Next I want to make the move to only use cruelty free beauty and household products. I am going to be researching this in the New Year and I want to share tips and findings on here in a brand new swanky blog series that I am still yet to find a name for.



1 pull up

I want to get fitter, man, I always want to get fitter. But I don’t want my goal to be weight related- I am only setting myself up to fail that way. Instead I want to, by the end of this year, be able to do just one pull up. I am such a long way from being able to do it yet and I know that it is going to be hard getting there but I am excited to try.


I mentioned above that I became a vegetarian years ago and now it is time to start taking the steps to becoming vegan more seriously. The more that I find out the damage that the animal produce industry is having on our planet, the more determined I am to give it a real go. I’m going to set my own rules and not feel the pressure from the hardcore group of vegans that seem to live online…its all about doing what seems right for you and this really does seem right.



Go to 1 new place each month

This goal is simple really. Just one new place a month. I have made a list of places close to home and in completely different parts of the world that I am desperate to explore. Some of them are countries, others landmarks, restaurants, and shops. It doesn’t have to be a big adventure but just something that forces me out of the routine that I am a little stuck in. Don’t get me wrong- this routine has been awesome at getting me into a better headspace. It was what I needed last year but my month long trip to California this summer showed me that I’m ready to get back out there.



Throwing the entire contents of my purse into the Trevi Fountain wishing for love…or just a sneaky snog!

Dare to date

Man I have been out of the dating game for such a long time. I have dated on and off over the past year but nothing more than one date here and there, or if I have felt comfortable and excited about someone then they have always turned out to be a bit of a dick, for want of a better word. I want to remember how fun dating is again. I would quite like somebody to share things with, to giggle uncontrollably with and to visit new places with again. I’ve flirted with online dating but its something that I could commit to a lot more. Or even just going out to places where I meet people at could be a start. Scary!


So there you have it- the changes that I plan to make to my monthly goals and some bigger long term hopes. Well actually no that aint bloody hopes at all- I’m going to work really hard to achieve them all!! They may change a little or entirely. I may add more or I may ditch others. I plan on bringing you along with me for the journey so get excited!

Do you believe in New Year goal setting, if like me you do, let me know what they are below. Inspire me!!!!!!


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