November has been an odd month but on the whole it has been a really great one. I have spent a lot of time with family, with friends, by myself and mostly happy most of the time. Of course there have been a few moments of sadness, I have come to learn that there always will.

It has seemed a pretty endless month. I think that’s because December brings Christmas and nothing fills me with excitement like Christmas does. November’s days have blurred into one another a little and as I sit here to reflect on them it is becoming quite hard to do!

I felt that I have actually worked really hard this month. I’m a teacher and so my work year begins in September and ends in June. In September I implemented a three diary strategy to help keep me motivated throughout the year and it has really worked! I have been productive, made a million to do lists and have actually been completing the tasks, I have been looking to the future and this new sense of being productive and achievement has led to me feeling a lot less stressed at work which leads to a happier and brighter Sophie outside of work too. I’m thinking of doing a couple of organisation type posts in the New Year so look out for those.


My social life has been a lot more active compared to October too. I’ve hung out a lot friends: met their new babies, had boozy lunches and lovely country pub roasts, stayed in drinking wine, been to Christmas markets in country manors, and sat and watched incredible movies in empty cinemas with truly wonderful people. I have been busy and surrounded by people that I love, that love me and make me laugh until I cant breathe. I have managed to balance this with wonderful time alone, pounding away on the treadmill, walking around shopping malls, writing, reading, cooking great food, settling down with Planet Earth II and lighting so many candles that it puts the Danes and their damn hygge to shame.


Yes I purchased the glasses!

But still loneliness has crept in. And now that I sit down and reflect on the paragraph above- stuffed full of wonderful times with friends I realise that it is maybe because I maybe finally ready to date properly again. I have dabbled with it over the past few months. Mainly online. Mainly wasting time on tosspots. But maybe this loneliness that I feel isn’t to do with absent friends as they have been so very present in my life. Maybe it is to do with my heart. I have avoided taking dating or meeting someone new seriously for quite a while- I wanted myself to be in a better headspace, for my friendships to be stronger, to feel more confident and self-assured. Now that I am finally starting to get there maybe it wont be so scary to have somebody to share things with again.

It is a little bit terrifying but then all the best things are!



Man my sleep has been so much more consistent this month and it’s because I have ditched the technology and have read non-stop in bed. I am currently 4 books away from reaching my 50 book challenge that I set myself on GoodReads. This month I have read 5 books and have fallen into the pattern of crawling into bed with a good book and a herbal cup of tea which has led to lots of unbroken sleep which leads to looking better, to feeling better, to being more productive, to feeling happier. I couldn’t recommend it more and I will be carrying it on for pretty much forever! Ciao for now YouTube in bed. You’re outta here!


This links with the goal above. I have been successful in getting rid of technology in the bedroom and this has led to less technology in the day too. My concentration has greatly improved, I can watch a movie without flicking through twitter and I haven’t drifted into that dark hole of pimple popping videos until 2am once. I’ll be keeping this one up too!


I visited a new place with my lovely friend Lisa and her brand new baby Henry! We went to Waddesdon Manor Christmas market. We drank mulled wine, brought radiator bags to make our homes stink of Christmas, we looked at the best gingerbread house ever, ate great cake and watched the light show on the house. It was cute and we got bang into the festive spirit. It was lovely to go somewhere completely new and reminded me that you don’t have to travel to new countries to have fabulous adventures. You can have them close to home too!


Bloody hell I have actually achieved all three goals for once *patting self on back*.



Along with many other reading challenges that I set myself over the course of 2016 I have also been trying to read 50 books and I am only 5 away! I’m so determined to get 5 more read before January starts, as I have plenty new reading challenges that I want to begin in the New Year!


I am normally the best at drinking water- hydrate or die but due to being busy at work I have slipped a little. I feel so much better when I drink 3 litres a day and I want to include it back into my routine again. O god, I’m going to be visiting the toilet a lot whilst my bladder gets used to it again!


I hate the word budget! I want to be better with money in the New Year and I want to use this month to sit down and research the best ways to be better with it so that in January I can put it into action from Day 1!


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  1. Meegs
    December 5, 2016 / 8:36 pm

    Loved this post Soph. An inspiring, honest and generous read. Good luck with the 3 litres!
    As for the dating, you are becoming the best version on yourself and it is clear someone deserving is going to cherish you so very very much xxxxx

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