The Winter Gym Playlist

Over the past month I have been trying my hardest to get back into fitness and visiting the gym as many times as I can squeeze in a week. I’m hitting it up about 4 times and slowly but surely increasing the distance that I am able to run. It is bloody hard. But, music is making it a little bit easier. At the start of November I sat down and created the Winter Gym Playlist, a workout playlist to rival all other workout playlists and man it is making it easier! I thought that I would share it with you in a separate post to my monthly Fitness Files- which will be coming back at the end of November. Each month I will tell you what songs I swap out and then in Spring I will create a brand spanking new playlist. I have found the process really fun and am currently learning a lot of Kanye (what an idiot) raps whilst pounding away on the treadmill.


Now you may be looking at the first three songs and thinking, bloody hell Soph, who is Kyle Thornton? I discovered him and The Company on a very hung-over afternoon in Boston, USA, Summer 2015. (There is actually a blog post about it here: Day 18-19 Live music, a late night movie, The Red Sox and back to New York. They are so much fun and so phenomenally talented. I have put a video of my favourite of their songs- Read Receipts- below. Their have really great lyrics and their jazz funky sounds keep me putting one foot in front of the other as I bop along to their songs on the treadmill.

Aretha and Tina need no introduction. It is hugely important for me to have sassy, strong, independent women in the gym. Nothing energises me more!


I now know all the words to Bang Bang and I still unashamedly love the song. I will be lip-syncing it like my inner Drag Queen’s life depends on it whenever it comes on and my mind is completely distracted from the muscle pain and inability to breathe!

I included James Bay’s fastest song because he is hot and talented and it means that I can look at his face on my iPhone screen whilst it is playing. I really am a simple beast!

Mr Brightside is a classic and always reminds me of the film The Holiday and Cameron Diaz singing the song in her cottage. She has a great body. It all just makes a lot of sense in my head!

Now begins my gym love affair with The Collision Course album by Jay Z & Linkin Park. I honestly think that there is no greater album to work out to. It has just the right level of angst to get you pumped up. I honestly run much faster and further whilst listening to these dudes. Numb/Encore is a bloody classic!


You’ll see that my love continues for some JZ&LP and then continues to continue with JZ&KW. Kanye is a bit of a dick really isn’t he, but I can’t deny that the fella writes a great song. I now all the lyrics to Monster. All life ambitions have been fulfilled!


Obviously Harder to Breathe is included because well it really does become harder to breathe. No further explanation needed really.

Pony, because, well, it is LOLs and always makes me smile, which is hugely important when feeling like you may be dying!

No workout playlist would be worthwhile without Queen B. I’m a tad over the latest Beyoncé songs. It is all about these two.


These last 5 songs are from some of my favourite female artists ever and not one of them were released post secondary school. Pre 2007 is definitely my favourite music moment.

J Lo is obvious. I like to think that the sweat that pours down my face is actually my J LO glow. That reminds me of her perfume…I used to be major obsessed with it.

S8er Boi is music at its best. I sing every single one of the words in my head whilst running. It makes things a lot easier!

My gal Missy is an all time fave. It would be so very wrong to not include her!

And finally what would gym even be with out The Spice Girls and The Pussycat Dolls. One makes me want to continue working on my high-kicks, the other wants me to perfect my slut drop whilst on the treadmill. I’ll let you decide which action belongs to which gal band!


So there you have it. My current 25 gym jams. What have you been listening to in the gym to keep you motivated? Let me know below. It would really mean a lot!




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