Fit Files: November 2016

There may be some of you who may have noticed that I haven’t written a Fit Files blog post since April. It’s pretty much because I have been in and out of a healthy living routine since then. There have been weeks of eating like a clean goddess mixed with weeks of eating pretty much nothing other than crisps and pizza. Some days I have been racking up 20,000 plus footsteps and others where I barely get past 3000.

However the end of October has seen a change from my see-sawing in and out of the yoyo life and I have found myself eating well, forming an exericse routine, feeling happier and seeing results in my body.

So the Fit Files are back. Fingers crossed they stay.


My workout routine

At the beginning of November I sat down to schedule my workouts for the month. This is something that I have surprisingly never done before and then I discovered Carly Rowena and her YouTube channel and blog and things started to change. I am still too scared to go see a Personal Trainer. It is just so bloody daunting. So when I came across Carly I felt a flood of relief. One of the first things that her videos taught me was to schedule workouts- I gush about her more below! It sounds so simple but it is something that I have never thought of doing before. I work weird and sometimes crazy hours as a teacher in a boarding school and unfortunately I am unable to workout early in the morning as I have to wake up 46 teenage girls. That means I have been exercising in the evening which is so much tougher but I have been sticking to it. My routine is normally this:

Monday- run in the evening

Tuesday- rest day

Wednesday- run in the evening

Thursday- rest day

Friday- run in the morning

Saturday- rest day or exercise- I listen to my body

Sunday- run in the morning

…but it isn’t set in stone and I allow it to change- one Monday evening I went to the cinema rather than to the gym. It was lovely.

I’ve been sticking to running this month and I was a little scared to restart as I haven’t run properly since late September when I was running 3km. I started at the beginning of November dropping back down to 2km for just one run to remind myself that I could do it and over the month I have progressed and by the second week of November I was running 4km- a small distance but one that I haven’t been able to run for quite some time.



Goal Setting

Running is definitely the exercise that I enjoy the most. It helps to clear my mind, gives me targets that I can focus on to keep me motivated and I get the biggest sense of achievement from it. I am really determined to stick to this new found enthusiasm and am determined to get my body into healthier shape and have found that I really respond well when I set my self goals and rewards. I guess I am competitive and like to treat myself! I have created rewards for each new kilometre that I am able to run and they are all non food related. Being non food related is so important and I don’t want to set up a relationship with food in which it becomes a reward and something that I deny myself if I fail. So the rewards that I have set up for myself are:

4km– visit Petersham Nurseries

5km– buy a new pair of trainers

6km– buy a new plant for my flat

7km-subscribe to Women’s Health

8km– get a facial

9km– buy a new cookbook

10km– spend the night in a fancy hotel

In November I managed to get to 4km and focused on getting faster at it as the month went on. The first reward is a trip to Petersham Nurseries in Richmond and is planned for the start of December. You maybe thinking that going to the nurseries is not a reward. But seriously check this place out. It is bloody beautiful!


Food and weight loss


On the whole I have been eating really well this month. I have planned out meals so that I am able to prep if I need too and sneaky pizzas don’t wiggle their way in too often. My main meals- breakfast, lunch and dinner have been great but I have found myself reaching for the occasional biscuit or sandwich in the staff room. It’s not a disaster but I want to work on having healthier alternative with me throughout December. I eat a plant based diet most of the time (I am going to do a blog post on the reasons why soon) and I eat vegetarian (no fish) 100% of the time. It is something that I am becoming increasingly more passionate about and can see myself eating plantbased 100% of the time soon.


Best recipe of the month is the Banana and Cinnamon Loaf that I blogged about here!

Weight Loss

I know that people say that you shouldn’t focus too much on numbers on scales but I have recently rejoined my local Weight Watchers group just to stay accountable and it really helps me stick to it. This month I have lost 6 pounds and it feels great! Almost half a stone!


The Guru- Carly Rowena

As I mentioned above I came across Carly Rowena on YouTube at the very beginning of this month. She is the person that has had the most profound impact on my fitness journey this month. She has refocused my mind and has made me so much more interested in doing this properly so that I hopefully can stop the yoyoing. I’ve spent a lot of this month listening to what she has to say, going away and doing my own research and thinking about how I can weave these tips and ideas into my own plan. Scroll down for the three things that I want to work on for next month all of which have Carly at the root of their inspiration. I think I respect her because she seems just utterly normal and a very nice person. She is the type of Personal Trainer that I long to find in real life. She isn’t one of these dickheads that populate social media. You know those people that make you judge your own body and then you burst into tears…I’ve been there… a lot! Instead she is honest with her own battles,  informative and so damn cheerful that it inspires you to be the same about your journey. It’s now something that I am really enjoying and looking forward to getting started and am doing as much research as I can so I do it properly! I will stop now as I fear that I am gushing. But check her out her links are here:




November’s gym playlist

I shared a post a week ago about my Winter Gym Playlist which you can read here. I have valued music so much in my workouts and wouldn’t have made any steps forward at all without it!


3 things to try in December

3 things I am going to give a go because Carly Ro said so. (Dear lord that is probably one of the most cringe sentences that I have ever written)

1. Introduce some strength training.

If I keep wanting to increase the distances that I am running then I need to do it sensibly and protect my muscles and joints with strength training. It is also a great way to not on tone but to also lose weight as well. I have a plan to start this following in December.

2. Journal after each gym session.

I know that I have some massive mental blocks in my head when I exercise. Just one example is that my body pretends that it needs to go for a wee just as I am about to run the last kilometre, I jump off the treadmill rush to the toilet and nothing! But it got me off the treadmill and I kick myself afterwards. I think that writing after each session will help me to identify what my stumbling blocks are and what I do well. It wont be reams of pages, just the odd sentence or two. I will share some here next month!

3. Exercise at least 3 times a week on December.

I am so determined to not let Christmas food take over and to spend all of my days lounging around on the sofa devouring mince pies, mulled wine and good books. I want to keep active so that in January I can hit this full hard-core!


So there you have it my November Fit Files! What goal will you be setting yourself this month? Leave it below and we can help keep each other motivated.

Sophie x


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