Day 4: Rome- Spinning boats in circles, climibing the Spanish Steps and one last gelato!

We woke up with heavy hearts on our very last day in Rome. It has just got here far too quickly. I honestly do think that Rome may be my favourite European city ever. It has just been so much fun! We still had a lot left to see so our alarms went off nice and early as the lovely Marco was coming to store our luggage for us at 9am.  We were meeting him again at 5.30pm so we had 8 and a 1/2 hours left to explore the rest of Rome.

Our first stop of the day was a quick trip back to the Trevi Fountain. We wanted to see it in the day time too. I really think that it is most impressive at night-time when it is lit up and I would suggest not going during the day. We got there just as they were collecting all of the money from the bottom. It was slightly hypnotic and we may have watched for a few too many minutes.

Despite our Italian feast last night we woke super hungry and wanting good food. We popped into Ginger for breakfast and it was the best breakfast place that we have been to by far whilst here. The menu has endless amounts of smoothies, juices, healthy breakfast food  but there are sweeter options for those that want something slightly more indulgent. I was pretty good. I had an avocado, date, and banana smoothie and eggs on toast. Camille had the organic pancakes. This place is literally like Pinterest has projectile vomited everywhere…that reminds me that I must fill my kitchen windowsill with pineapples…it was a very cute place.



With tummies full once again we climbed up the Spanish Steps. This area is super fancy and if we had longer here then we could have spent some serious money. But we didn’t. Instead we headed for the amazing viewpoints of the city.

dsc09681 dsc09682  dsc09685

 Once at the top of the steps you have such beautiful views over Rome from the Borghese gardens. There is also meant to be an awesome art gallery but as the weather was beautiful we decided to ditch the art and instead found a comfy spot in the sun and read our books for a little bit. It was nice to have a rest and to take a little time to be still in what has been a very busy few days.

dsc09700 dsc09704

We quickly grew board of being still and raced to the boating lake and climbed on-board their finest boat. I thought that I was in super safe hands as Camille is a top rower and has Olympic GB coaches. How wrong I was. All she could do was make us turn in circles. Apparently the oars were too old and she ‘couldn’t  feather’… bloody idiot. I had to take over. I was a pro. It was also clear that Camille did not know the difference between a duck and a seagull. Bloody idiot. We rowed for half an hour or so and had an absolute blast splashing each other, bumping into other boats and generally being absolute terrors.  


dsc09767 dsc09749  dsc09737  dsc09733

Dear God help me!

We got out of the boat before we capsized and then spent an hour or two wandering through the rest of the beautiful gardens. There really are extensive. They also house a smaller Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre which was odd. We quickly started to feel hungry again so decided to head back out of the gardens and went to grab our last pizza of the holiday. Why are pizzas at home not this good?


Camille with yet another bloody arch!


This ain’t the real deal faces!



Post pizza we decided to splash the cash a little. We brought gifts from Sephora and Camille spent her money in Brandy Melville on yet more grey tops….she is so like mum. She must have tried on absolutely everything in the shop. It was a blast…insert eye roll here.

Cash spent, we decided to walk around Rome until we had to meet Marco. We walked, and walked, and walked and walked and walked for over three hours. Our feet ached, we had no plan, we just went down paths that looked interesting. We actually bumped into two women and a man who were in the same restaurant as us the night before and man  were they were wasted! They were pretending to be horses, jumping on top of cars and they danced past us. Drugs. It could only have been drugs.  

We walked all the way to a church that we popped into and I checked the map and discovered a roof top bar on top of a hotel that over looked the Pantheon We ran up to the top and grabbed some seats and ordered some drinks. We got out our books, looked at all of our photos and soaked up the last views of the Pantheon and shared our favourite Roman holiday memories.

We lost track of time a little and realised that we were going to need to rush if we were going to meet Marco on time and get a last gelato. We made it to the gelato pad and I picked up a pomegranate and oreo combo. Odd but actually really worked together. Boring old Camille got a choc chip and strawberry. LOL.  




We manage to meet Marco who is ever the babe and he actually purchased our bus tickets for us. We manage to find the right bus…saving all the money…and make it to the train station which is ultra busy!! We buy our tickets and manage to get in the queue to find out what the hell is going on with the platforms. The staff are super unhelpful but we are pros and manage to find our way to the airport. Can I just say that Fiumincino airport may just be my most favourite airport ever. Well done Rome. The shops are great, the food is yum, but it is HUGE and just when we don’t want to do anymore walking we are forced to.

I won’t go through every detail of our journey home as it was pretty uneventful and just a standard flight. Our lovely father picked us up and took us back where we gave gifts and caught up with the fam.


What an amazing four days we have had. We are very lucky girls indeed. Rome has been beautiful and I can’t want to come back in March. It has also been the biggest treat to spend some time away with my littlest sister. She is a babe and it has been such a special holiday with her.  

If you can get yourselves to Rome, then do. You won’t ever regret it. There is going to be a food diary coming soon. It will be my greatest blog post yet! The food was one of my favourite parts, along with the walking aimlessly around, meeting Russell Crowe and the Pope and acting like fools with my baby sis.

I hope that you have enjoyed the blogs and it may give you some idea of what is great to do in Rome!

Now to book the next holiday!

Ciao for now lovelies,


Sophie and Camille




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