The Pursuit of Happiness: November


You may have noticed that I have published a Pursuit of Happiness post since July. ‘Sophie,’ I hear you cry, ‘is this because you have found it? You now have all the happiness!’ Well sadly no it is not for that reason at all. But there have been moments of ecstatic happiness over the past few months:  

I travelled all around California for 4 weeks during July and August. This trip did something to me. I would have always said that I was an East Coast chick. That New York would forever be my stomping ground of choice. That I thrive in the fast pace, that the bright lights inspire me, that the big apple satisfies my appetite. Well all that is still true, I do love New York but I now know that I am no longer an East Coast Princess. Instead my heart, my head and my soul belong to the West. I have never felt more at home than I did in California. The insane weather, the relaxed people, the Vitamin Sea. The trip has changed me and I’ll go a bit more into a bit later. But here is me dancing like a fool during one of the most beautiful sunsets that I have ever, ever, ever seen.


I have made more time for friends- both old and new. I feel more secure in my friendships and this is something that I want to post more about in the upcoming weeks. I have felt so isolated for quite a long while and as a person that thrives when surrounded by people it has been really tough. It has also completely my own doing. I felt that I had to be alone to ‘work on myself’. Well I’m ready to be social butterfly once again and these wings are ready to stretch out once again.  

I have spent action packed and gloriously lazy days with my beautiful family. They are my rock and every moment I get to spend with them are ones that I treasure. I have truly learnt that your friends are your family and that your family are your friends. It is a beautiful realisation to have!

 I have read. I mean I have read a lot of books. Nothing fills me with a deeper sense of satisfaction and joy. Whilst I love to be surrounded by people and noise and chaos I have relearnt how to be alone, how to be board, how to entertain myself and find comfort in different worlds and people that have been created by author’s words on a page.


It hasn’t all been joy and swimming costumes and novels. There have also mean really crippling tough moments over the past few months too. And I want to examine these in greater depth in some future blog posts too.  But for now, I feel really ready to bring back the P.O.H series. I’m ready to keep exploring what happiness truly means to me and ways that I can increase its presence in my life.

When I sit down to assess how I am feeling right now I realise that I have been noticing some unfriendly feelings and thoughts creeping their way back in with more frequency and urgency. I don’t want to go back to square one again. This process has taught me that I need to step in earlier to get myself back on track and to stop me from derailing.

I hope you are ready too. I hope that these posts are just as useful for you, as they are for me. Let’s share ideas, tips, tricks and continue to give one another hope. I truly believe that there is no better gift than that of hope. Let’s spread it like wild fire.  



 With the re launch of the P.O.H series I have decided to keep my November goals simple so that I should be able to stick to them. Simplicity is sometimes the only thing a gal needs!


Throughout September and October I have been working on my sleep. Getting more of it, making sure it’s the best quality that I can have, and setting up good patterns to remove the stress from sleeping. I want to keep this up. I have worked out that I must have between 8 and 9 hours a night. Anymore I feel groggy, any less and I feel significantly more anxious. For November, I want to simply make myself a cup of herbal tea before bed and read at least one chapter of the book that I am reading.  It is such a simple goal to have but nothing sets me up for sleep more than a hot drink and some reading! 



 The tech has slowly crept back in. My bedroom was once a technology free haven. I used to turn it of at 9pm on the dot and revel in the time switched off from the world. Well 9 turned to 10 which has now once again become never. I want to spend a lot less time on social media, reading blogs and falling asleep to YouTube videos has to stop! My concentration has plummeted. I can do it for about 5  minutes and then I find myself reaching for my phone and there I am in the dark hole of Dr Pimple Popper videos at 2am. It is always in my hand. I need to become less dependant.



I have always loved cosy time in my flat by myself. But I’m finding that I spending more of my time off and possible adventure time keeping myself in my flat, afraid that if I venture out or go somewhere new something will go wrong. The thing I loved most about California was the sense of freedom and adventure that it gave me. It reminded me that it is what I love to do. I didn’t think twice about jumping in a car and spending a few hours exploring somewhere new. I survived, in fact I thrived. I want a little bit more of this feeling in my life. I want to get to at least one brand new place this month. I have the cutest idea of where to go…I just hope that I can get myself there mentally.


So there you have it. Novembers goals. What are you going to be doing to ensure November is the best that it can possibly be for you? Let me know in a comment below. It would really mean so much if you did.


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