The last day: Venice Beach & Santa Monica- Tears, Ferris Wheels and the most beautiful bike ride in the world!

We woke up feeling a million dollars. The pamper evening really worked its magic and all skankiness had disappeared. That is the power of a shower my friends. We were excited as we had saved lots of things that we had been really looking forward to for our last day but also broken hearted as it was our last full proper day and we were definitely not ready to leave California!  We were utterly starving so decided to head out for a wander around the Venice Canals on the hunt for food. Everybody who has spoken to us about LA has said that we need to check the Canals out.


Check them out we did and boy o boy are they some of the most beautiful homes that we have ever seen. Everybody has said that they could never live in LA, but I tell you what my friend, I could live here and be happy for my whole lifetime. Our Airbnb is one road across from the canals so it took us under a minute to get there. We got there just as a coach load of school children arrived but we were sneaky and ditched them pretty quickly as we didn’t want to walk with them or have them in the background for one of our last photo shoot opportunities we had.

dsc09079 dsc09074

We spent twenty minutes exploring the houses and finding nowhere for brunch, but it was lovely to just wander and admire people’s houses. . Bobo likes the Art Deco or the grey ones. I like any that have duck crossings, flamingo fences or fairy lights. I want to have a party pad here with Bobo, it will be called Casa Boblunt. It will be jamming. You’re all invited. Start saving your pennies Bo. We’re moving to Venice.


dsc09085 dsc09078

We get back to our Airbnb absolutely ravenous. The plan was to pack in the evening after our day of adventuring but we thought that would be utterly depressing. So instead we decide to pack now before our main adventures begin so that we won’t end our holiday packing our bags. It is the best decision we made. We quickly realise that we could be in a lot of trouble with packing allowances. Our belonging seemed to have magically multiplied. Uh oh. We finish our last night salads on our patio and share all our best memories and utterly depress ourselves.

Our property came with free bikes to use. So we decided to spend our last day biking to Santa Monica along the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Ideal right? The first thing we had to master was the ancient bikes. One of the problems that we had were that the bikes were way too big and tall for me. We wheeled them out of our back gate to a quiet road to practise. I manage to mount the bike and quickly realise that if I ever want to have children in the future then I have to get of this bike immediately. It felt like it was destroying my lady parts and I ain’t got time for that. Emma’s are obviously indestructible so she  was alright with her bike. I remembered there was a bike shop at the start of the boardwalk so we wheel Bo’s bike there and I rent a bike that has a cushioned seat- the luxury.

The weather also conspired to against us and something weird was going on and it decided to put the mug in muggy. We hop on our bikes and make our way to Santa Mon. Despite the muggy weather it is still super beautiful and so much fun to be cycling like crazy gals. When we live in our Venice Canal party pad I will do this commute every single day.

We make it to Santa Monica pier, tie up the bikes (is that the right word) and head to check out all the rides. We really want to go in the Ferris wheel but as the weather is bad we wouldn’t see anything through the mug. So we decide to risk it and come back to it at the end of our Santa Mon explorations hoping that the weather will clear.

So we head into the main town of Santa Mon and it is more commercial than we expected. I don’t know why. I just thought it would be cute shacks. But it’s just the perfect type of shops for presents for people back home. But food is still a priority and we decide that it’s only right to end the trip with some FroYo. Our FroYo challenge has really been a fail as we have not had one every day. We have barely had any at all. It is even more of a fail as we go into the first FroYo shop that we came across. Pinkberry. The one where they don’t let you do your own toppings. What makes it even worse is that when we leave the worst FroYo place in all the land and take 50 steps we discover FroYo world….our favourite FroYo place. We clutch each other and weep on the streets of Santa Mon mourning the FroYo that could have been….man how many times can a chick type FroYo in one paragraph. Try and top it. You will fail.



Here we mooch around the shops for a few hours. We contemplate going to the cinema as our feet have grown weary after four weeks of a lot of walking but then we bring ourselves to our senses and decide that we absolutely can not go to the cinema on our last day. So what do we do instead? We eat again. We go to Lemonade (Santa Mon branch) and eat a lot of Mac and Cheese. Here we plot and plan the rest of the day. We look up to the sky fog has gone completely. So we run like crazy gals with all our shopping bags to the Ferris Wheel.


We have a lengthy conversation in the Ferris Wheel queue about the benefits of getting on at just the right moment. I mean this goes on for at least twenty minutes. We argue, we debate, we get confused, we think we work out that we are getting on at just the right moment to get the best F. wheel experience and just as board our cart we realise that there is no right moment. They are all exactly the same and we are knobs who have just wasted the last twenty minutes of our lives. I also accidentally showed Bowen my complete lack of logical skills. She now thinks that I am a bloody idiot.

So here we are on the Ferris wheel and the views are beautiful and it goes a lot higher than we expect it to, which I love but Bo hates. So I do my best to shake it as much as I can to scare her good and proper. When at the top you can actually see all of California, yes it is that high, so it was a lovely way to end the trip, surveying all the land that we had conquered.





Post wheel we take advantage of the beautiful views at the end of the pier whilst listening to the street performers jam away. I keep pinching myself as I really feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I keep pinching Bowen because it hurts her…LOL.






We decide its time to head back to Venice as I have to get my vagina friendly bike back and we want to be back in time to enjoy the sunset on the beach. So we untie the bikes and decide to grab a beer at a place we saw on the beach about half way down. We find the perfect deckchairs, in the most perfect location and I go to buy us beers. But it is an alcohol free place so instead grab San Pellegrino’s and Bowen her large iced tea. The woman loves the stuff. Tonight is going to be wild! We sit, admire the view and play the 1,2,3 game to find our future husbands to secure our green cards.


#husbandprowler #getmethatgreencard

We hop back our two wheeled vehicles and I defy all the laws of the land by managing to take a picture of us both on bikes, whilst biking. I do swerve into rollerbladers but hey. It was worth it. We get the bike back and head to the beach both agreeing that it is the most beautiful bike ride that both of us have ever done.


We then watch one of the most beautiful sunsets that has ever been and it is the best way to end such a epic 4 weeks with the Bo. We sit and watch the sun go down, we run around and jump up and down like lunatics and fall in love with California a little bit more.




img_0545 img_0546 img_0547


Before we know it the sun has set and we return Bo’s bike to our place and head back to Abbot Kinney for food at The Butcher’s Daughter once again. They were having a bit of a nightmare and lots of food had run out, and the pizza oven was broken so we opted for burgers which did not top our first meal there but they were still super tasty. We also managed to get one of the awesome seats outside after some strategic power walking got us into the restaurant two seconds before another coupe who got the cheap seats in the back. These legs maybe small but they are mighty. We also try get a photo of the last supper from a lovely waitress who was obsessed with Harry Potter. You know a chicks a keeper when she can quote the books. Well done my lady.


We walk slowly back to our pad, dragging our feet as we know this is really starting to mark the end of our gorgeous holiday. We get into our pyjamas for the last time, she’d a tear and fall asleep.

I not going to blog about the flight home as really was wake up, get on the plane, be entertained by awful West Jet, land in Calgary airport..who have the shortest queues ever, get on another flight, land in England, get in a car and drive back to my parents. Not much else happened apart from being in a state of depression and being hugely in denial.


I could not have had a better four weeks and without a doubt I think it could be the best holiday ever. I am definitely a West Coast gal and we simply adored California. Thank you Bowen for putting up with me for so long. I know that my childlike hyperactive jumping around, constantly telling you to guess the time and only singing ‘Last Night’ song lyrics at you is beyond annoying but it has been so lovely to travel and make these memories with you and it has been so easy! I love you, you beautiful woman.  You’re a keeper.

To the readers of this blog. This little jaunt is now over and the content will return to normal. Thank you for reading what we have been up to. I hope you have enjoyed it.

To California. Thank you.  I want to come back and explore all the parts of you we didn’t get to. I want to go eat the smoked cheese in Sanat Barbara once again. I want to get spanked by a Drag Queen whilst eating that Ramen again I want to cycle down the boardwalk again. I want to go wine tasting and only be able to taste grapes again. I want to escpae form Alcatraz again. I want to hear the Wurlitzer play for one last time in the Castro again. I want to run through the big trees again. California- you are the biggest babe. Thank you for giving us the perfect playground to create such life long memories.

So this is it. Summer 2016 over and out.

See you next year.

Blunt and Bobo X




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  1. November 1, 2016 / 3:05 pm

    It looks like you had an amazing time, I was just in Santa Monica not that long ago so now these photos are making me miss it so badly! The Santa Monica Pier was probably one of my favourite things.

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