Day 26: San Francisco to Venice Beach

This blog post is going to be a lot shorter than the last one as we travelled from The Fran to Venice Beach. So their are fewer words and fewer pictures…you are probably rejoicing in this!

So we woke up for the last time in San Fran and we both almost burst into tears. Leaving here meant that we only had one new location left-Venice Beach. We have been so lucky to go to so many incredible places. Honestly, the luckiest girls in the world!! But now we only have one place left. The holiday is practically over.

We shove things in our suitcase, sending prayers to the God of kind airport staff that our super heavy bags will be accepted….more on this later. We give gifts from the Castro to the dogs, thank you cards to our wonderful hosts and eat our last breakfast of yoghurt and berries.

Ben packs the car and in we climb and are on our way to Oakland airport. I need to pause here to type the biggest thank you to Ben and Renee. They have been the biggest babes in the world and made our time truly magical. I could gush all day but let me stop here by saying you are two of the best people in the world! Thank you for everything. You have been so generous and given so much of your time to make sure that we had a brilliant time. Ben- you should open a tour company. It could only be a success!

So Ben dropped us off at the airport and here began the game of: what the hell is going on with the queue. It was outside!?!?!? Some local San Franians assured us that this is normal and so we stuck with it. We got to the chica who was checking us in and she picked up my case and immediately told me to go weigh it. I was 12kg over. It’s all the books and goblets that I have been purchasing!!! We whacked open our cases in the middle of the airport…classy birds… and with some strategic repacking we got it sorted. We gave the chica my case, she didn’t smile, we ran through customs and security and then got some pizza before heading on to the flight. Time may have warped my memory but I do believe that Bowen was the best company that she has ever been whilst on transport….as in she slept for the whole thing… really, Bowen falling asleep, never!!

We land in LAX, with our dreams and our cardigans…yes I know I have already typed that in the Day 1 blog post but I probably won’t out here again for a long while so please do indulge me. The first thing we remembered about good old LA was how nice it was to be warm again! Our taxi driver whizzed us to our last Californian home and I tried to spot the sea the whole way…we didn’t see it once.

We made it and dumped our luggage in the Airbnb, had a quick nap and change of clothes and then strutted out stuff down to do some shopping on Abbot Kinney- one of America’s hippest shopping locations…we were bound to fit in! The place is so cool and is filled with the most awesome street art. Where there is street art there we art…does that even make bloody sense?




Seriously I could shop here every single day. We  got lemonades form Lemonade as it seemed like it was the right thing to do and I talked myself out of $400 dollar sunglasses but did buy more candle holders and jewellery. We decided that it was time for food and ran into a place that I had read on somebody’s blog that afternoon- The Butchers Daughter. Now you read that name and think it would just serve meat right? Well you would be wrong, so very wrong. It is a vegetarian, mostly vegan, restaurant and we were in our element. We managed to snag a cool little table outside and we drank cocktails, and sparkly rose and are basically living the cool gal life. The food is to die for. You must visit if you are ever in the area. They have one in New York too. Tell them Bobo and Sophie sent you. Give them our kisses. We adore them hugely.



We decide that a late night walk along the beach with lots of ice cream had to happen. So we trot back to what looked like the popular ice cream shop in the world. We join the queue and here we wait for over 25 minutes. Our chances of seeing the sunset have gone to pot but a huge pot of ice cream we have….so still winning at life.  We completely did not understand the menu at all and end up with more ice cream than we know what to do with. We weren’t even that hungry. But when you have lavender and honey, almond brittle with salted ganache and salted, malted cookie dough you make room. You make all the room.


So ice cream in hand we go for our first stroll along Venice Beach beach. We wanted calm, we wanted peace, we wanted a seat on the sand. What we got instead was cannabis, being run over by bikes and lights so bright that they burnt our eyes. We decided to leave quite quickly and head back to the safety of our little home. We buy some beers, Bobo puts on the Olympics and we have a crazy night in after a tiring day of travel and food.


So our first night in Venice Beach was done. What did we learn? Well we learnt that you don’t go to the beach at night, to ask for clearer instructions when ordering ice cream and Bowen will never be able to stay awake on transport. Classic Bobo.



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