The Pursuit of Happiness: July


June has been a bit of a weird one.

I think that I will remember it as the month my sleep patterns turned to shit. I have always been the type of gal who enjoys a solid 8-9 hours of sleep every single night. Sleep is my key to staying positive and how I actually manage to get through each day as I don’t consume caffeine at all.

But this month I have been getting by on anything from 30 minutes to about 3 hours max a night. It has slowly been chipping away at me and I am not surprised at all that a little anxiety and panic has crept back in leaving me feeling lower than I have in quite a long while.

I feel exhausted. So it is of little surprise that this blog has been a little erratic this month with fewer posts than ever being published. Writing is normally the place where I can pour out how I am feeling and I have found that it has really helped me get to grips with how I have been feeling. I find so much comfort in sharing this and the responses that I get from the lovely people who take the time to read what I have to say. I have missed it terribly but also realise that I have needed to take this time to just accept how I have been feeling.

Now look. I don’t want to be sat here, typing this, and wallow into the depths of a solo pity party. There have been killer moments that have brought such joy and laughter with them this month too. Moments that I will treasure. I live a really fabulous life. I am so incredibly lucky.

But I am still learning how to cope when life sends me its (sometimes seemingly endless) challenges.

Not having enough sleep really effects me. It alters who I am and how I function. I’m not sure why my lack of sleep started but it is still yet to resolve itself. I have been trying to stick to a structured bedtime routine…o God I actually sound like a toddler…but that is easier said then done sometimes and too often I have been falling asleep in front of the TV.

One of my biggest highlights of the month is how my much exercise I have been able to stuff in every single day and how much I am blinking loving it. I have been visiting that dreaded treadmill in the gym, floating around like a sea otter in the swimming pool and following a HIIIT programme on YouTube everyday. I have really seen big results in my stamina, strength and seeing big changes in my body shape. I haven’t missed a day this month and I am excited to have more time off (as the glorious Summer holiday is nearly here) to try lots of new things. I am even tempted to take my gym kit with me to California and head out for some hikes…or that could just be complete wishful thinking. We will soon see.

But today is the very last day of the school year and I now have 10 delicious weeks of Summer holiday to look forward to. I am travelling to new places, will meet new people and have a lot of time to have fun and to chill out a little. I am also going to be heading to California for 4 weeks and I’m hoping that jet lag aside, this break will be just what I need as I am in no doubt that the busy teacher lifestyle, trying to squeeze in a social life around 15 hour days at work and the endless to-do lists are weighing me down hugely.

So today I will be focusing on myself for the next 10 weeks. I will stop trying to put my worth into my job, other people and instead try to get back to the happier place before June 2016 descended…well some of June…as some parts of it were really fabulous.

Looking back to June

 Visit 2 new places

God this has been a goal for such a long time and I am hugely happy to say that I can finally tick this one off the list.

1: The Royal Court Theatre- Human Animals

I sometimes forget that my degree is in drama and film and that theatre really was my very first love. At school and uni I had time to go to the theatre often and I went to see such varied stuff. I would then spend hours reviewing each play determined that my words would be published in a newspaper somewhere around the world. They never did and although I go less frequently then ever before my love for it is unwavering. Theatre triumphs film but is more demanding on my time. Rather spontaneously I got a text from my great friend Emma who asked if I wanted to go see Human Animals with her at the Royal Court and I was all like alright then- lets go buddy. I have been to a lot of theatres in London before but never to the Royal Court and I just bloody adored it. Tiny stages with tiny audiences and tiny casts and none of the West End glamour that bumps up ticket prices. It’s exactly the type of theatre that I once loved to see and perform in, back in 2010. I will be keeping my eye out for future productions. If it is still on and you are interested in animal rights and our environment then I would really recommend giving it a go. I would also suggest you sit in the front row (seats are unreserved so get there early) you never know you maybe splattered in squirrel guts too.
2: The Churchill Arms- London

On the very first day of June I headed into Central London to reunite with one of my most favourite people in the entire world…Louise bloody Lane…my main babe from University. We did what we do best together- eat food and drink a lot. We met for lunch in Notting Hill at Farm Girl Cafe which is my current obsession and then strolled around this beautiful part of London and popped into different pubs that we came across and had a really great catchup.



We stumbled across The Churchill Arms, which I have been meaning to go into for such a long time. It is so beautiful and the outside is covered with millions of hanging baskets. The inside is so quirky and filled with trinkets from pretty much the last 100 years of British History. It was lovely to be with somebody that I love in a cute new place. It was cosy and comforting and reminds me that I need to catch up with people, in new places more often!

To finish my bloody book (The Brief History of Seven Killings by Marlon James)

I did it. I finished the bloody book! And I actually really loved it and I still don’t know why it took me so long to get through it. I can only put it down to being really busy at work. I adored what Marlon James did with this book. It is so experimental and not what I was expecting at all. He combined poetry, prose and a plot that is spellbinding. It is unlike anything that I have read in a long while and I am excited to read more of his work.

Host a picnic

This was a hugely unrealistic goal. I haven’t had enough free time to even think about putting this together and don’t even get me started on the weather! I thought that we were in June and not October! We did manage to go to the pub a couple of times…and that is a huge achievement in itself.

Looking to July

To daily blog during my month in California

My most favourite blog posts are my travel ones and last year I blogged every single day whilst road tripping around the East Coast of America. I also kept you up to date on my quick trip to Poland with my sister and I am determined to do the same during my month long trip around California this Summer. I just love sitting down and reading them months after the trip and being reminded of all the little memories that would have disappeared a long time ago if I hadn’t captured them all on here. I have purchased some new fancy equipment to make it a little easier and to speed up the process but I am ready for some late nights of editing photos and uploading! So sorry folks you are going to be seeing a lot more of me!

To try 4 new recipes

Whilst I have been shoving in lots of exercise this month and I have eaten really healthily I have been sticking to a lot of the same meals. I want to try and cook at least 4 new dishes this month and hopefully share them with you too. I have ordered lots of new cookbooks and am excited to earmark pages to try. My taste buds are ready!

To complete the 4 week daily HITT programme



The post workout glow is real!

I mentioned above that I have stuck to the 4 week HITT training programme that I have been following on YouTube. It is run by Lucy Wyndhamm-Reed and the results have been unreal so far! I have been a little unorthodox in my approach and have been doing three of the programmes at the same time- the original, the 100 rep and the tone each zone. I have also been combining these with boxing, swimming and running…no wonder my legs are achy today! I am currently on Week 2 day 2 and I am determined to get to the end!

So there you have it. That was my June. A month that sleep almost ruined but made me realise that I have such wonderful people around me to keep me a float. I love you all.


Sophie x

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