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A week or so ago I found myself in Notting Hill, an area of London that I have not spent a lot of time exploring. I bloody loved it. It is vibrant, full of quirky stores, restaurants and the most beautifully coloured houses!

notting hill edit

The two real gems of the day were the food places that I discovered and I’m going to share the first with you today!

Granger & Co has been much blogged about and is much loved by everybody who seems to visit it and trust me a lot of people do visit…it was absolutely packed and I was lucky to get a solo seat at the bar. The atmosphere is relaxed and they managed to squeeze in most people who tried to get a table.

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The brains behind the delicious grub is an Australian chap called Bill Granger. His food embraces the Australian healthy approach to food that I could really get onboard with. I opted for the puy lentil, burrata, basil and sourdough crouton bowl and I couldn’t imagine anything more delicious. It was balanced, filling and captured a little of the Southern Hemisphere delights that I expect from good Australian cooking. I also went for the green juice which was a taste sensation!

grnager and co notting hill puy lentils edit

The food and restaurant is relaxed without being sloppy. The menu has options for meat eaters, veggies and vegans and I will be going back. There are several locations around London and the Globe but the Notting Hill location has had the best reviews from my friends who have been to multiple locations. You also get to wander around one of London’s most beautiful locations after stuffing your faces.

grnager and co puy lentils edit

I mean come on….look at how bloody amazing this looks!

I sat at the bar and had a fab time reading my book and enjoying great food. I just love taking a seat in a fab restaurant, enjoying good food and spending some time alone. These cakes were all the company that I needed! They looked delicious and I will be back to try all of them out soon!

granger and co notting hill cakes edit

Don’t worry Granger & Co. I will be back sooner than soon!

Nearest tube: A beautiful walk from Bayswater or Notting Hill Gate.

Telephone number: +44-20-7229-9111


Please can you leave me your restaurant recommendations below! I’m dying to try out some new places.



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  1. May 29, 2016 / 9:13 am

    This one sounds really nice! I might visit it when I will come down to London :)


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