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I’M BACK!!!!

I’m sorry that I have been away from this blog for a little while. Life has been pretty tough! I’ve been dealing with loss, proper loss, for the very first time and it has hit me pretty hard. I have been shutting myself away and trying to really focus on how I have been feeling rather than loosing myself again in a busy social life. During my time hidden away from the rest of the world I have been watching huge amount of movies and realised that I haven’t updated you all in a really long time on my recent watches.

On my birthday, back in August, I set myself a number of challenges., one of which was to watch 52 new movies. I have already hit that target and a few months ago I gave you mini reviews of films 1-15. Today I’m going to sit down and write reviews for number 16-30.

There are some corkers, some to miss and a lot of variety!


16. Little Women

Honestly how I have I not watched this one before? It, like the book, is a classic and I sat down and watched it over the Christmas period with my littlest sister Camille who is now 12, and we both adored it. I’m not a big fan of this time period and tend to stay away from books and films that are set in it, however, i’m glad that we took advantage of it being on television. At its core is a story of sisters, of the love that they share, the arguments that enrage them and their bond which can never be broken. If you haven’t watched it yet save it for Christmas. It will fill your heart with joy, love and sadness. The cast is killer too!

17.  Hot pursuit.

From a classic to something a little newer. This is an easy watch that is not ground breaking or I doubt would feature in anyone’s top ten favourite film list. It’s the type of film you want to watch when hungover and can’t move from the couch. I adore both Reece Witherspoon and Sofia Vegaras and I guarantee that it will make you chuckle. It is also nice to see a Hollywood movie with two strong female leads.

18. Wild

Another Reece Witherspoon film! I just love her. This is so completely different from the one above. I read the book that this is based on a couple of years ago and it helped me in ways that I can’t even begin to explain. It is a powerful look at the rawness of grief, human spirit and the determination that lives inside of us all. I challenge you to watch this and not to question yourself, your choices and direction that your life is taking. I thought that RW gave a really beautiful performance and nice to see something a little different from her. Promise me that you will read the book first and then follow it with this beauty of a film.

19. Joy

The only word that I can really use do describe this film is underwhelming. It didn’t really make me feel much at all. It has a phenomenal cast but I just don’t know how excited I can get about a woman who is selling mops. The story is inspiring, however,  I don’t think that this is translated to screen. I was surprised to see that Jennifer Lawrence got a  nomination for her performance in this. She did a great job but I have seen her do a lot better.

20. If I stay

Warning: watch this with tissues. I mean I seriously cried from beginning to end. I won’t go into the plot as I fear I will ruin it for you but do watch this one. A beautiful look at what it is like to be a teenager, to be in love and the relationships with our family and how these all weave together. A young cast who I think we will see fabulous things from in the future.

21. Grown Ups

I watched this one and the one above with my little sisters so that explains the teenage movie theme a little! This was actually really funny and I would recommend you to watch it with your younger siblings. A comedy and not at all groundbreaking but one to watch when you don’t really quite fancy leaving your home for the weekend!!

22. The Witches of Eastwick

O god I just adore a movie based on witches and witchcraft but really struggled with this one. The cast is phenomenal and the idea great but I think that it has either become so outdated that it is now laughable or it is just is a bit odd… or a little of both! There are other witchy movies out there which are an awful lot better. Don’t bother!

23. Inside Out

Well isn’t this the most adorable film that has ever existed! Taking place inside the brain of a young child and all of the different mental states and emotions that control her. I love this because it is Pixar at it’s best and because it brings up Mental Health to younger children and boy is that needed in our world! Bravo to you Pixar!

24. Obvious Child

Bloody hell I really adored this film. I found it heart-breaking and side splittingly funny in equal measures. It follows a quirky comedian muddle her way through recently becoming unemployed, an unplanned pregnancy and all different types of relationships. There was something so honest and so unique about this film. I really liked it’s spirit and wished it could have been a little longer! A big recommendation from me. Especially if you love indie movies too!

25. Very Good Girls

I fell in love with Elizabeth Olsen during this movie! What a babe! It follows two teenage girls as they make a pact to lose their virginity before college. It test friendships, first loves and I know that teenage me would have related to it hugely. Another smaller film that I did not even know it existed before flicking through the Sky Store but I’m glad that I stumbled upon it. There is something so special about this one.

26. The Danish Girl

Now I’m sure that this movie needs no explaining. I saw this at the cinema with my wonderful friend James and we loved it. Now don’t kill me, because I am not the world’s biggest Eddie Redmayne fan *SHOCK HORROR* but this is the best that I have ever seen him. It is also wonderful to see more of our society represented in Hollywood.

27. The Riot Club

Bloody hell where to start! The actors are HOT but their behaviour is not! An overdramatisation of one of Oxford’s most famous of secret clubs that shows humans at their worst. It was alright if somewhat over violent!

28. Life Partners

Yet another smaller film that I really loved! It follows two best friends and their friendship as one of them enters a relationship. One is straight, one is a lesbian and I again adored another section of society having some screen time and watching a romantic comedy that doesn’t always stick to Hollywood’s Golden Rules.

29. Into The Woods

I can not lie, I love musicals and Disney so when we combine the two together we know that magic is going to happen! I loved getting lost in the fairy-tale of this one. I watched it in the winter on a Saturday afternoon as it was pouring down with rain outside and snuggled up on the sofa with a hot chocolate that of course had a lot of cream. Perfect for any age!

30. Liberal Arts

Another Elisabeth Olsen swoon fest of a movie and that dude from Scrubs. He is older, she is younger, they date, things go right, things go wrong. Easy to watch and not your typical Hollywood rom com.


Let me know if you I’ve any of these a watch. My top two would be: Wild and Obvious Child. One is a main stream Hollywood and one is a little known indie gem. Give them both a watch. I don’t think that you will be disappointed!





  1. May 25, 2016 / 5:53 pm

    Ahhhhhhh I couldn’t agree more, about Wild- the book and the movie!! I also read the book first, at absolute must with this one, I totally agree!!

    Can’t wait to check out a couple of these movies! Great reviews : )

    Faded Windmills

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