Be good to yo’self: Green Falafel

I tried out a recipe last week that is going to make you drool! I sit here typing this  and find myself unable to stop thinking about them!  They are packed full of colour, flavour and goodness. They are zingy, they are leafy, they are green falafel!

I discovered this recipe through this Vivianana Does Makeup blog post, who found them here.

I tried them out for myself and was surprised at how little work they took to make and I have now eaten them 4 days straight. I think these will quickly become a new staple in my diet and I am OK with that, in fact I am more than OK with that it makes me want to squeal with delight!

Falafel recipe 12

To make your own little nuggets of joy you are going to need:

4 cups of collard greens (I used a full bunch of Swiss Chard and it worked!)/a can of chickpeas/3 cloves of garlic/1.5tbsp tahini/1.4tbsp lemon juice/1/4 tsp ground cumin/salt and peps/3-4tbsp of oat flour (I used gram which also worked)/olive oil for cooking (do not use coconut oil it did not work for me!)

1. Remove the stem and tear up your leafy greens!

Falafel recipe 1

2. Add these, your chickpeas, tahini, chopped garlic, lemon juice, cumin and pinch of salt and peps to a food processor and whizz until they have combined.

Falafel recipe 3 Falafel recipe 5

3. Move this to a mixing bowl and stir in your flour until it becomes thick enough to handle. I used about 4 tablespoons of flour!

Falafel recipe 7 Falafel recipe 8

4. Heat a pan and add your olive oil. Make sure your oil is hot before you cook your falafel! They should only need a couple of minutes on each side. You want to get them nice and brown- but not to brown too quickly.

Tip: You will be able to cook about 4 falafel at a time. Try to make them a little smaller than I did as mine took much longer to cook!

Falafel recipe 9

5. Serve them anyway that you like! They are so versatile. I am a falafel wrap addict though and through them in a wrap with some hummus, beetroot hummus, pomegranate seeds (praise pomegranates), tomatoes and cucumber and it was divine!

Falafel recipe 10

Falafel recipe 11

Tip: These will keep in the fridge for a few days in an airtight container and you can freeze them too! Make a huge batch and it will keep you going for bloody ages!

How are you going to eat yours?


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