The Pursuit of Happiness is a monthly series that documents my journey to becoming a more fulfilled, successful and happier person.


April has been a month of extremes. For the majority of it I was above the clouds happy and excited and a lot of this came down to travel, holidays, being with my family and really focusing on my health and happiness. I wrote last month about being ready for change and adventure, I got it, I embraced it and it was blissfully as wonderful as I could ever have hoped.

You may have seen that I went to Krakow, Poland for a few days with Evie, my 15 year old sister and we had such a magical time. If you didn’t know that, then where the hell have you been and you really must check out those blog posts (after reading this one first of course). We tried new foods, explored museums and galleries and loved our first trip away together. I am never happier then when exploring somewhere new as I really feel that I have left the real world and reality behind a little and my brain seems to go a little quieter. It was very lovely and very much needed.

This trip injected me with a huge dose of the travel bug once again and I have booked a trip to Rome with my baby sister Camille in October which is very exciting! I also fell back in love with exploring closer to home places. I spent some of my holiday wandering around Portobello and Notting Hill, trying new restaurants, new hairdressers and having a whale of a time! Expect lots of blog posts on these in May! Also never forget how lovely it can be to get lost in your own country too. We don’t always need to jet miles away to new and exotic countries. Their healing benefits can be found on our own doorstep too.

Travel will always be one of my biggest loves. It is the thing that I spend the most time doing and an awful lot of my time dreaming about. Never be afraid to explore and to get lost. I really believe that when we are lost we learn the most about ourselves.

The last few days of this month have been full of extreme sadness and pain but it is something that I don’t think that I will ever want to document on the internet. The pain is still recent and raw and a day does not pass that I do not melt into a pool of tears. I know that this will eventually dull but I don’t think that it will ever leave. I may not feel it so sharply but it will always be with me and influence the choices that I make and the things that I do. I must move on before it overwhelms me once more. Just please let those you love know that you do. One day you will not be able to and wish that you had done it more often, every minute of everyday and long to reverse time for just a little while.

This month I have really come to realise that with every happiness and beautiful day, there will always be pain to follow. Nobody can be happy every single day, not all days will be good but not all days will break us either. Learning to take the good with the bad is a skill that I am still yet to master but I am reminding myself daily to be easy on myself, to take each minute at a time, not to fret about the future and not to despair about the past. We can only control this second. I hope one day that it will be enough!

Looking back at April’s Goals

Run 3k by the end of April

This was a March goal that I carried over to April as I didn’t quite achieve it first time round. Can you believe that this month I actually did it? I ran 3km! Read more about April’s fitness in the Fit Files that I published on Friday here. The sense of achievement is epic and it has really spurred me on!

Drink 2 liters of water a day.

I kicked this goal in the butt too! Not one alcoholic drink was consumed in April and I will try to continue this for as long as I can. Instead I have been guzzling water by the bucket load and I am starting to see improvements in my skin (stubborn spot scars are slowly disappearing) my mood and energy levels too. I think that I have been drinking closer to 3-4 litres a day and it has been so fabulous that I think it may have stuck!

Get my haircut!

I wrote last month about putting this off for months as things (read work) kept getting in the way! I pleased to say that I put myself first, which is a lot easier to do whilst on holiday, and got a chop. I didn’t have any drastic change, just a little shorter. But it is more manageable, less frizzy and looks a million times healthier. It is always so refreshing to do something for ourselves and making us the priority. It is a change that I want to continue.

BLOODY HELL! I achieved all 3 goals. I think that might just be the first time that I can actually say this. I hope that I will be able to for many more months to come!

Looking to May

Make weekly meal plans

I want to focus this month on fuelling myself with plant-based, nourishing food. I find that I do this best when I make weekly meal plans and shopping lists. It is far too easy to be tempted by the pizza aisle when you are visiting the supermarket every single day rather than once a week. I also love cooking and find it relaxes me hugely. I want to spend more time making my meals from scratch and making sure that what goes inside is kind to me and to our planet. That is hugely important to me.

Add a little variety into exercise

I wrote in Friday’s post about focusing on my stamina in last month’s exercise approach! Now I by no means have the stamina of Paula Radcliffe but progress I did make. I now need to work on enjoying a variety of ‘sports’ as I am someone who can quickly slip into a routine and dislike to change it. I need to keep myself on my toes a little. I mean it was only a couple of months ago that I left the gym, only minutes after arriving, because someone was on the treadmill that I was used to and liked to use. I want to introduce swimming once a week and going for a twilight walk once a week too. Swimming because I enjoying being in the water, twilight walks because I am not making the most of living in such beautiful grounds, I like to visit the horses and it helps clear my mind a little too.

Visit 2 new places

I want to keep the travel bug alive in me a little longer but I also want to be kind to myself and not heap on too much pressure. That is why I am setting this goal at just 2 new places. I know that I can manage that! It could be a new restaurant, book shop of city. The options are endless and I have a list full of places to tick off.


So there it is a review of my April and a look forward to May. I have learnt so much through this blog series and I can’t wait to see what I learn from this month too.

What goals will you be setting yourself this month? Let me know below, it really means a lot!


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  1. May 2, 2016 / 10:13 am

    hi sophie. this is my first time visiting your blog and may i say you will eventually get throw it. may be it takes time but be brave :)

    jess x |

  2. May 2, 2016 / 9:35 pm

    Sounds like you’ve had a rough few days. Stay strong it does get easier, from my experience it does. Your doing the right thing by taking a day at a time. Sending hugs xx

    On the plus side I can’t wait to read more about your travels portobello road is calling me now!! And well done for smashing your goals! This has motivated me to set some of my own this month!!

    Much love
    Lisa xxx

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