The Pursuit of Happiness: April

The Pursuit of Happiness is a monthly series that documents my journey to becoming a more fulfilled, successful and happier person.


In last month’s POH (Pursuit Of Happiness) I wrote about there not being a lot of change in February. I wrote about wanting to inject a little more adventure into March and I kind of did but not as much as I would have liked. However, I have been so incredibly busy at work and have had so little time for myself. I think that I will always have the battle of a work/life balance as I truly think that in teaching, especially when working and living in a boarding school,  it just doesn’t exist. How can it when you are looking after teenage girls? That is why we get wonderful holidays. Not because it is a perk of teaching but because we are god damn entitled to every second we get off…we work so incredibly hard.

Whilst I may never find work/life balance I have been more able to let people know when I am struggling or when things have become a bit too much. Asking for help and letting people know that I am not coping is something that I find impossibly hard to do. I am slowly waking up to the fact that it isn’t a sign of weakness to do so, but it is instead a mark of strength. March was a great month for work. I felt more productive than ever and got a lot done. But things, that were out of my control, and not a reflection of my work, went badly wrong in a few different areas. It wasn’t my fault but I felt the pain of it keenly. I cried for a few days and then decided I had to stop wallowing and do something about it and spoke to the right people. Hopefully positive change will come from these conversations that I find so incredibly hard to have.

I guess that I realized, more than ever, that whilst work is important and will take over, especially in my chosen career, from time to time that I still have to focus on myself and try hard to keep my head above the water. Instead of just realizing this I did something about it. I realized that even though I work hard and get wonderful holidays I need sometime off to relax and do a quick battery recharge in term time too. So I joined a Spa! I get to go 6 times a year for such a great price and I went right in the middle of when work things were imploding. I left my phones, emails and connections to the outside world (and to work) in the locker and spent 12 delicious hours unplugged and focusing on myself. I wish that joy for everyone.

I’m not all that worried that there was again little excitement and adventure in this month. I squeezed in as much as I could, when I could. I am also not worried because these upcoming months are so packed full of adventure. Which brings with it a mixture of angst and excitement of unknown places, and people that I have never seen before. I am finding peace in the idea that for now adventure waits. The adventures that I had planned for February and March did not come as planned but that doesn’t mean that they won’t come at all.

April is a month of planning, jetting off to new places and exploring new things.

Bring it on April. I am ready.

Looking back at March’s Goals

Explore and visit three new places this month

I think I have explained this enough above. I didn’t get out and explore new places and meet new people…but it is coming.

Stick to a blogging schedule

Bloody hell. I have actually stuck to this one. With the exception of one day, due to busyness at work I have posted every Monday and Friday of March. They say it takes 30 days to stick to a habit and I am really starting to believe in this. I am thinking of maybe trying to blog 3 times a week and I really want to do some research into when the best times to be uploading new blog posts are. If anyone has any info on this I would be so grateful.

I thought that I would share a couple of quick tips helped me stick to blogging consistently in March. I realize that I only have managed it for one month so far and am only posting twice a week and am no expert on this subject at all but I have managed to do it in the craziest time at work and actually write posts that I am proud of out into the World and not some tired, uninspired old junk…well I don’t think it is…

1. Plan for the whole month ahead.

On the last few days of February I sat down and planned out what I wanted March’s blog post to look like. What I wanted the content to be, how I wanted it to look and to divide similar topics to different times of the month. This helped no end. This wasn’t set in stone it changed a few times when inspiration suddenly hit but it allowed for me to…

2. Write blog posts when you have spare time and not the night before!

I utilized my quieter times and free time so much more because I knew what I was going to write about my planning the whole month out. I wrote a blog post that went up on the 28th March on the 3rd March because I knew that the beginning of the month was going to be quieter for me. Use your quieter points in the month wisely.

To run 3k

Ok, Ok, Ok, I didn’t quite manage this one either. At the start of the Month I was going to the gym regularly and pushing myself hard and if work hadn’t taken over and I was able to stick to this I think I would have hit this target by the end of the month. But work took over and I didn’t and rather than trying to blame work and never go to the gym again I will try it again.

 Looking to April

Run 3k by the end of April

Crossing all my fingers and my toes. After finishing writing this blog post I will be planning out my exercise schedule which if people want to see I will publish on the blog at some point during the month too. Comment below if you would like me to.

Drink 2 liters of water a day.

I used to do this easily but as things become busy it is always the one thing that I neglect first. I will be writing about this on the blog too and documenting any changes that I see and the benefits of doing it in a month’s time.

Get my haircut!

I know, I know, I know that I have banged on about how busy March was but to prove my point even further I booked a haircut in 6 times during the month and had to cancel every single time because work stepped in the way. I promise to myself and to my huge amounts of split ends that I will get it cut and treat it to some love by the end of this month.


So there you have it. What I hope April will look like. I think that this month’s goals are all really achievable. I need some that I think I can manage and to actually say that I have achieved some when I look back to April next month.

What goals will you be setting yourself this month?


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  1. April 1, 2016 / 6:04 pm

    Being a teacher sounds incredibly busy, bringing work home is why I could never be one, kudos to you though! Yeah i’d like to see your exercise schedule. I should write one really, instead of just planning day by day!
    Amy at Amy & More

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