The Pursuit of Happiness: January

The Pursuit of Happiness is a monthly series that documents my journey to becoming a more fulfilled, successful and happier person.

I have not tried to cover up that 2015 was a really tough year for me. I struggled to feel happy for a lot of it. Those closest to me may not have realized. It seems that I can do fake happy like a pro!

It was not all gray days there were many rainbows and unicorns sprinkled throughout the year which got me through it. My family have been my rock without them even realizing. God I love them so much. Getting away from ‘life’ with my 3 week trip to America was exactly what I needed. Days spent alone starring out of windows on some days was exactly what I needed.

On others it was the complete opposite.

You may have noticed in my last blog post- A letter to 2016 that I didn’t share any resolutions for the year. The answer to why I didn’t is quite simple actually. It’s because I don’t want to make any.

Instead of setting myself up for a fail, which would do nothing to make me feel any better, I am instead going to make positive steps to start focusing on my happiness. I think a large part of the problem in 2015 was that I ignored how I was feeling which only made things slowly get worse. I am also incredibly good at hiding how I feel to others and to myself. I would throw myself into work and make myself so busy that I didn’t have time to even think about how I was doing.

I decided in October that I wouldn’t spend another year feeling this way so instead I have immersed myself into piles of reading and research on positive steps that I can make to start smiling a little bit more and to stop those fake smiles but instead to have more of the real kind that make your jaw ache and your tummy hurt from laughing so hard.

I am going to start slowly and I thought that I would process my journey in this new blog series. Hopefully in 2017 I can look back and see how many strides in the right direction I have taken. It is going to be a sort of diary that I will release each month. January will have two parts. This is the first part-writing down this intention but I don’t want to wait until late February to update you again so I will squeeze one in at the end of this month. I am also documenting this journey in the hope that it might help somebody else. Even if just one of you…now that would make me smile!

I want to give myself three areas to focus on each month. During January I will be looking at:

*Wake Up/Bedtime Routines

I have found that the way and how I wake up can really alter the way I feel during the day. I have done so much reading about how to wake up and fall asleep in a more positive and connected way and there is lots that I want to change and bring in.

*Exercise and fueling my body

I can’t be the only one who feels happier when I exercise and eat well.

*Bringing plants into my home

This one may seem a little strange to you but I feel so connected to this planet of ours and I feel so much better when I am outdoors so I want to bring a little bit of the outdoors into my home. It is one of my most important focuses.

We must remember that we ourselves are in charge of our own happiness and can not rely on others to make us so. I hope that you have a happy 2016 and if you find that you are not may you have the courage to start making changes now. Please don’t keep it to yourself. It won’t go away. Let’s all start now! Are you ready? Then take my hand and let’s jump together in three, two, one…





  1. January 10, 2016 / 2:17 pm

    Wow Sophie, this sounds so similar to my 2015 and also to my thoughts for this year (and lack of resolutions too). Looking forward to seeing what this year drops on our doorsteps.
    Love your Blog, I can learn a lot from you :-)
    Jodie x

  2. January 12, 2016 / 7:59 am

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